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Monetize your life

Introducing a program that helps you get paid for the things you already do. Things like posting on social media, taking selfies, leaving reviews about your experiences and more!

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Program Includes:

  • How to get brand sponsorships

  • Which brands/companies have the best incentives

  • Tips on how to submit qualified brand proposals

  • How to become an affiliate with your favorite brands

  • How to share your affiliate links on social media

  • Tips for how to post eye catching content

  • Discounts and commissions from your favorite brands

  • Plus more!  

Who is

Ashawna Lane

Ashawna Lane is an energetic mix of  business consultant, world traveler, motivational speaker and marketing maven.


She uses her influence and resources to empower others into becoming better individuals. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, she's committed to transforming the minds of non-believers into believers.

"There is nothing we cannot do. We simply have to put it in our minds to do it. I'm living proof of that!"

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