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20 Gift Ideas for him this Valentine's Day + my personal "quarantine date night" recommendation!

So I did a survey on my male followers a while back to find out what they thought would make great gift ideas for men. After all, who better to talk to about what men want than MEN?

I received dozens of answers, each one better than the next. Which made me think... men are human and have feelings too. They like receiving nice gifts and being wined and dined as well. Who knew?! Lol, just kidding. Their responses were genuine and honest. Ladies, sex is not always the ONLY gift you can give for Valentine's Day (their words, not mine) It's time to break out that wallet sis! Let's treat him to something nice for all he does...

Although many responses were given, only a few were chosen (clean enough) to be mentioned on this blog...

number 11 and 19 are my favorites!

1) Cultural art and decorations for his home

I was surprised by this answer because I've never thought to buy art work for a man's home. I think it's a great gift idea especially if he's into a particular artist or brand. You can also buy decorative items like African and other indigenous themed pieces.

2) A nice pea-coat

Because who doesn't love a good coat? Coats have been our friends for many years. Taking care of our arms and torso's, making sure we stay all warm and fuzzy inside! Get the man a coat sis! Everybody loves coats.

3) Cologne

Yasss! We all know there is nothing more heavenly than a man that smells good. Buy him some of his (or your) favorite cologne scents. Keep him on his A game.

4) Gift cards/gift certificates to their favorites shops or eateries

This is always a good, safe idea. It gives him the option of going to get what he wants just in case you're not a good gift giver.

5) Watches

Nothing like a good time piece. Find him a brand that he likes and treat him to something nice.

6) Cigars

Is your man into cigars? Get him a few or treat him to an evening out at a cigar bar.

7) Specialty sports memorabilia

You can never go wrong with some old fashion sports stuff. It's easy, simple and doesn't require a ton of thought.

8) His favorite alcohol in a gift set

A nice decanter filled with his favorite liquor along with the matching glasses would make a great gift for a man. Especially if he has a man-cave with a bar or other manly area that he likes to hang out in.

9) Something engraved or customized for him

If you're thinking of going with #8, have it customized or engraved for him. If not- engraving items is a popular thing and you can have just about anything engraved. Give him something special and thoughtful by customizing it especially for him.

10) Manly accessories like cuff links, jewelry, lapel pin, etc.

Get him the finishing touches to his suits or wardrobe. Men like to look good too...

11) Stocks!

This is always a great idea. It's the gift that keeps on giving. If he's the one and you know he is- treat him to some shares of his favorite stock.

12) Trip to the spa for a massage

Surprise him with a personal massage package or give him one at home! Get some oils, some candles and his favorite drink and rub your man down. He works hard and he deserves it.

13) Grooming products for his beard, nails, body, etc.

These are always great gift sets to give men because they actually serve a purpose. Keep him on his toes and looking good.

14) A vacation or quick getaway somewhere

He works hard and deserves a nice, relaxing getaway for the weekend. Take him somewhere that'll take his mind off his everyday routine. Drive to another city if you can't fly. Fly to another state if you can't go international. Sis, travel packages are dirt cheap right now. Give that man something he won't forget. Take him out of his element and spoil him.

15) Cook his favorite meal

Always a good option. Men love home cooked meals. Prepare and serve his favorite meal on Valentine's night. Follow it up with a good movie or something else and enjoy your night together.

16) A new suit or pair of shoes

You know he likes to look good. Help him out a bit. Buy him a nice outfit or a pair of shoes.

17) Tools (if he's into that sort of thing)

If you have a man that likes building things and working with his hands, buy him some tools. It's a gift for the both of you because now he can fix more stuff around the house... win win!

18) Grilling accessories

Is your man a cooker? Into grilling? Get him some new cooking supplies or grilling accessories. Pots, pans, utensils or even a new grill. Whatever it is, it'll show him that you pay attention to his needs.

19) A good book

A huge favorite of mine. I love receiving a good book, so book gifting is a huge thing for me. If he's a reader, get him a good book. Books are timeless and never go out of style.

*20) My Personal Recommendation: A romantic evening in!

Since we're still kinda shut down in quarantine and some places are closed or over-crowded, I recommend turning a room in your house into a romantic hotel suite for the evening.

Here's how you do it!

Head to your local dollar store and purchase a couple bags of tealight candles. Buy some artificial roses, air freshener and bubble bath. Next, go to a grocery store and pick up whatever HIS favorite fruit is. Grab some fresh roses, champagne and something quick to cook for dinner.

To pull this off without him knowing, you'll need to get him out of the house. Send him on a store run or out with his friends. Once he's gone- start your decorating. Pull apart your artificial roses that you bought from the dollar store and spread them around the floor leading into the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. (I suggest artificial flowers for the floor to prevent staining or damage)

Next, cook his meal. Prepare it with enough time so that when he returns, it's still warm. After the meal is cooked, run a bubble bath and make sure it's warm for his arrival. Spread some more of the artificial roses mixed in with some of the fresh ones into the bubble bath. Add your air freshener or aroma therapy candles, slow music and light some tealight candles around the bathroom.

Using more of the tealights, create a pathway of candles leading into the kitchen where his meal will be waiting for him. You can also light candles and spread roses around the dinner table for a little extra razzle dazzle. Now that everything is complete, all you need is him!

Another great idea (if you have it in the budget) would be to hire help for Valentine's Day. Get a personal masseuse and chef to show up and serve you both. While your masseuse team rubs you down, your private chef is making sure your 5 star meals are cooked to your satisfaction. Couple this some of the decorating tips from above and you have yourself a romantic evening to remember!

Those are my personal recommendations because they work for any occasion. Birthdays, Holiday gifts, anniversary gifts or those "just because" gifts. They're private, special, planned and intimate. It shows your man that you're appreciative for all that he does. Because at the end of the day that's all most men want, is to feel appreciated.


Ashawna Lane

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