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TSA Pre-check vs. Global Entry and why every traveler should invest in them...

What's the difference between TSA precheck and Global Entry? And why should you invest your money into having one or the other? Do you really need them? 

Well.... whether you're an international traveler or just boarding a flight to another state, both options are a must have if you want to save time navigating through overcrowded airports. Both TSA precheck and Global Entry may allow you to bypass the hassle of standing in long lines, being nearly strip searched and even going through lengthy custom protocols at airports around the United States. Here are some break downs of the two:

*TSA Precheck*

 TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration and can be used at about 200 airports within the U.S.

 Costs $85 and is good for 5 years 

 Allows you to bypass the lines at *most airports. (Some airports do not have TSA)

 All U.S. citizens can apply for TSA precheck 

 No more removing your shoes, belts or laptops when going through security check points

 You get access to a special (shorter) line when you arrive at certain airports 

Has it's own app called "My TSA" good for easy access at airports whenever you need it

After an in person background check, (includes fingerprints and proof of personal information like SSN, birth certificate and government issued ID) you'll find out if you qualify for TSA precheck or not. Once approved, you'll receive a KTN (known traveler number) via mail that can be used to book and board all your flights! Just input this number with your flight information and it'll automatically print out on your boarding pass. 

*Global Entry* 

 Global Entry is for Customs and Border protection 

 You get expedited clearance at airports (and other border crossing locations) whenever you return to the U.S. from your international trips

 It's available for use at 54+ airports within the U.S. and dozens of airports outside the U.S.

 Costs $100 and is good for 5 years

 Includes all of the same advantages of TSA precheck 

 Citizens of multiple countries outside the U.S. can qualify for Global Entry

 Global Entry can be used for expedited entry and exit in other countries as well such as Mexico and the UK (known as "Registered Traveler") 

Has a "Mobile Passport" app for easy access and use at airports

Even with Global Entry you still have to go through an extensive background check in order to receive clearance. The process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to complete and things like DUI's and criminal records can automatically disqualify you from receiving Global Entry. You still have to undergo fingerprints, and show proof of your identity through your SSN, birth certificate and valid government issued ID. 

Both options are great choices for all travelers looking to save time and have convenient access throughout busy airports. Find out which program works best for your travel lifestyle and apply today! <--- TSA Precheck Website <--- Global Entry Website 

If you found this blog post useful, feel free to express your thoughts and share it with your fellow travelers! Each one teach one is the motto. Thanks for reading and happy travels! 


Ashawna Lane

Traveler, Blogger, Designer 😘

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