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Good paying side gigs for making extra money!

If you don't know by now, having a side gig is a definite necessity if you're looking to survive in this economy. But with so many out there how do you know which to choose, which ones really pay and which ones are just a waste of time?

Let's get into it! Here's how to find the best side gig for you:

  • Research

  • Reviews

  • Results

  • Research. First things first, always do your research. Never just take someones word for it. What works for them might not work for you and vice versa. Make sure it's a side gig that you actually like doing. Otherwise it becomes dreadful and you won't be motivated to do it.

It's too many ways out here to make money and there's something for everybody!

Like dogs? Check out:

[Wags | Petsitter | Rover] These are just a few pet apps to look into but there are so many more. You just download them onto your phone, answer a few questions and start working! People looking for dog sitters, dog walkers, trainers and even company for their pets while they're away. They'll pay you for being able to do it. Who wouldn't want to get paid for being around dogs all day?!

Dogs not your thing? No problem. Here are a few other side gigs to check out if you're looking to make some extra money:

[Lyft | Uber] Become a driver and get paid to turn your car into a taxi! Average daily pay for motivated drivers is $100+. Plus there's no waiting for your money. You have the choice of cashing out whenever you feel like it and all tips go directly to you. This is for you if you like driving. Don't have a car? Not to worry. They both offer loaner cars to help you earn money. You keep the car as long as you drive it. Much cheaper than a rental car too!

Don't like people nor want to be in close contact with them? I get it-- here are some other side gig apps that require less human contact that might work for you:

[DoorDash | GrubHub | Postmates] These are food delivery apps. They all pay comparable wages and the average daily pay for a motivated deliverer is approx. $85+ not including the tips you make. You get the notification, drive to the location, pick up food and deliver it to the buyer. Often times they request you simply leave it at their door meaning you'll have very little, if any contact with other people.

[Instacart | Shipt] Very popular apps to get into right now! Especially since we're in a pandemic and some states have been forced to shut down. These are grocery shopping apps that allow you to shop for others. Make your money by being a grocery deliverer and keep all your tips.

[Taskrabbit | Handy | Dolly] Perfect if you're a handyman or freelancer. People are looking to have work done around their homes including cleaning, moving, unpacking, gardening, roofing or simply hanging flat screens and painting a room. We all need help at some point in our lives. If you have a particular skill set that can help others, these apps are definitely for you!

[Amazon Flex] Deliver items for Amazon. Pick up packages from Amazon lockers conveniently located in designated places like grocery stores and shopping centers. Deliver them to their addresses and get paid between $18 and $25 hour. Not bad!

[Zeel] Are you a licensed massage therapist? This is the app for you. Get paid for doing what you love, in home massages. You keep 75% of the booking, plus the 18% gratuity automatically added on. Schedule your hours and work when you want.

The best thing about many of these apps is that they allow you to work when you want. After work, before work, on the weekends, on holidays, at night, etc. You can make as much as you want and set your own hours. They allow flexibility with just the right amount of monetary encouragement.

  • Reviews. Read reviews and testimonials from people that have actually worked these side gigs. Reviews say a lot and whether it's good or bad, it can help guide your judgement on what to decide. Only choose what works best for you.

  • Results. Play around with different side gigs and see which one earns you the most, which one you enjoyed the most and which one you wouldn't mind doing more than others. Make your decision from there.

These gigs might not make you rich overnight, but they certainly come in handy during slow or tough times.

Be sure to share this information. You never know who might need it!

Thanks for reading!!


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