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How to make $5K a month with side hustles!

What can I say besides I'm a hustler? I enjoy making money and don't mind working different jobs in order to get it. I've taken on a few extra roles and so far the decision has been paying off.

Here are a few of my personal side hustles that bring me an extra $3K-$5K a month!


  • Lyft- $1,000-$1,500 weekly

When I have the time and want to make some extra money, I sometimes drive for Lyft. It helps me out a lot- not just with money, but also with learning my city. I get to network with the passengers and hear some pretty funny stories. I'm able to pull in roughly $1,000 a week doing Lyft. If I did it consistently and a full 8 hours daily, I'm positive that I could double what I make in a week. It definitely has the potential to earn me $5K+ per month.


  • Affiliate Marketing- $300+ month

I work with a few different companies in order to market and promote their products. In exchange I receive a commission for whatever it is I sell. The companies send me free stuff and I share it with my social media followers. When someone buys something using my affiliate code- the company splits a portion of the proceeds with me. I'm able to make about $300 monthly with Affiliate Marketing.


  • Forming LLC's- $500+ month

In my spare time I help people start up their own businesses by forming their LLC's and establishing their EIN's. This isn't a consistent job, but it does bring in extra money when I get new clients. Plus I enjoy helping people accomplish their goals and go further in life.

  • Mobile Notary- $500+ month

After receiving my Notary License I started up my mobile notary business. I drive all around the city to notarize documents for people. Between the notary fee and the cost of mileage, I pull in about $500 a month regularly from this.

  • Content Creation- $1,000+ month

I formed my content marketing company to assist business owners and entrepreneurs with growth and exposure. I'm able to make roughly $500-$1,000 a month with this.


  • Turo- $500+ month

There are times when I have no errands to run or business to handle and occasionally I'll put my car on Turo. If you don't know what Turo is, I advise you to check it out. Especially if you have a car and don't drive often. It's like air bnb except for cars! I rent my car out once or twice a month and I'm able to bring in $400-$600 month. Even though I would love to keep my car rented out all month long, there are times where I simply need my car. I do plan to get a second vehicle (eventually) and have my car permanently active on the site.

There are a ton of side hustles out there where you can earn big money. The key is staying consistent and managing your expectations. Everyday isn't going to be a big money day, but by staying focused and committed, you can make some nice money with these side hustles. Do you know of any other side gigs that pay well? If so, spread the word!! I believe there's enough money for everyone out here and by helping others, we help ourselves too.

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Ashawna Lane

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