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My favorite luxury skin care products!

So most of you know that I don't promote anything unless I've actually tried it first for myself. Well let me just say that ever since trying these products, I've been hooked on them!

They are my go-to product line for all my skincare needs. Not only are they vegan and cruelty free, they're also women owned, luxurious and they make my skin feel great whenever I use them. I've always had slightly sensitive skin and using certain products irritate me. I'd itch, scratch and sometimes break out if I used the wrong type of products on my skin. Luckily I found this skincare line and it has done wonders for my skin type.

With everything from facial care, body butters, moisturizers and bath salts, your entire line of skin care products is covered with Renew You Body Butters. The owner of the collection started it to combat her loved ones skin care issues and since then, it has been a great success! From the packaging to the delivery and the customer service, everything about these products screams luxury and professionalism.

My favorite product, however are the bath salts! They smell absolutely heavenly and make bath time that much more relaxing and enjoyable. My skin feels amazing and retains moisture throughout the day saving me from having to reapply lotions and creams.

Best of all, they also come in travel sizes which is so important to me for obvious reasons! I'm able to pack them in my carry on and go straight through the airport without hassle. Because who doesn't like traveling with their favorite products?!

Occasionally I suffer from dry skin and get small irritating pimples on my cheek or my chin. The Renew You Body Butters facial wash and cleanser really help to eliminate that problem for me. I wash my face at nighttime and then apply oils to lock in the moisture and keep my face dirt and acne free.

Be sure to visit their website at Renew You Body Butter to check out their amazing products and to sample some for yourself. Also, don't forget to use my code: ALANE2021 at check out to earn a nice discount on your purchase! I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @renewyoubodybutters and earn your shot at winning one of their exclusive product giveaways. Support a small, woman owned business today and be a part of making this luxurious vegan brand become a household name!


Ashawna Lane

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