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My top 10 essential travel items

As a travel blogger it's important that I have all the travel necessities to make sure my trip is properly documented and captured accurately.

I'm the traveler that'll forget to pack socks and toothpaste but will surely remember to pack my camera and selfie stick... that's just how I operate.

Here's a list of my top 10 essential travel items that go with me wherever I go!

1. DJI done and carrying case- this is important to me because it allows me to capture aerial footage of my travels. No matter where I am, what I'm doing or what angle I need to shoot, my drone definitely helps me capture it.


2. Go Pro Hero- my go pro is one of my favorite travel companions. It's small and durable enough to withstand just about anything. I can wear it, store it, create videos and take pictures. Best of all, when sealed in its waterproof casing, I can use it to shoot awesome videos under water.


3. Ringlight and tripod- yes, I'm the traveler that travels with a ringlight. It attaches to my tripod which allows me to set my phone or camera up with it and capture photos/videos in the best lighting. Nighttime photography and dimly lit spaces are not a barrier for me with my ringlight/tripod. My tripod also extends to about 5 feet tall so I'm able to capture just about any angle I need.


4. Handheld Gimble by DJI- my gimble is one of the coolest devices I own. It helps to steady my videos and even tracks movement. I can set it to my phone and walk away and it'll track wherever I go (within range) This means I can be across the room, turn it on and it'll follow me to create an awesome 1 person video.


5. Selfie stick and bluetooth timer remote- these two devices are my absolute must haves. I can pretty much leave a few of the other devices behind as long as I have these two. My selfie stick and bluetooth timer help me take those "who took the pic?" pictures. I can set my phone in the selfie stick, stand it up virtually anywhere and use the remote with bluetooth to take a photo. As someone who travels often, I never leave home without these!


6. Rechargeable battery- another must have on this list is my rechargeable battery packs. I have quite a few of them because you can never have too many. If you lose one, just pull out the other one! These help me make sure I'm fully charged for whatever my occur while on a trip. If my phone is dying and I can't get to a physical wall charger, these gadgets make recharging my phone a breeze. All you need is your USB cord to plug in and you phone, gimble, laptop or whatever other device you have- will charge right up!


7. Wireless headphones- these are a true lifesaver when it comes to traveling. Long flights, airports, loud noises, annoying people, etc- block it all out with noise canceling, wireless headphones. I always carry my headphones with me wherever I go. You never know when you might just want to tune everything out and drift off into your music.


8. Universal Charger block- because I travel internationally a lot, having a universal charging block helps me plug up in different countries. Some countries operate on different outlets than the U.S. so making sure this is with me when I travel internationally comes in handy. You simply release the prongs for the country you're in and plug up. Use your USB cord to connect to your devices and you have juice!


9. Go pro accessory bundle- back to my go pro... I have this accessory bundle that holds all the different casings and gadgets that help with my go pro. From a wearable chest, head and wrist piece, to water and dirt proof casings. I ordered extra batteries to maximize the time I'm able to shoot video and it even has a handheld floaty that attaches to the go pro to make sure it floats if I drop it in the water. I made sure to spend a little extra when I brought these items. They're important if you have a go pro.


10. Cell phone- of course my cell phone had to make the list! I can't leave home without that either. It's the one piece of equipment that powers all the rest. Without it, many of my other devices won't work. It holds all the apps, tools and controls that I need to set up my drone, gimble, go pro and headphones. So yea, it's kind of a big deal!


You can get these items and others on Amazon for all your travels! You don't have to be a travel blogger to have the latest gadgets and technology. If you just want a way to capture your special moments, a cell phone camera will do just fine. BUT if you're like me and want to go all out- these are my top 10 devices and recommendations!



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