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What it's like being a Flight Attendant

"Make this my life!"

So a lot of things have changed since I last updated my blog... One of the most exciting things is that I became a flight attendant for America's #1 airline and made a complete lifestyle change from business owner to employee.

It's been quite the journey shifting from running multiple businesses to accepting a full time position as a flight attendant. I went from making my own schedule and setting my own hours to working almost 80 hours a month with a schedule that has me all over the place- literally!

How did this happen?

Back in April 2022 I flew home to Los Angeles to visit with friends and family and as always, it was tough pulling myself away from the familiarity and comforts of home. Reluctantly I hopped back on a plane to Atlanta and while on my flight I remember staring out the window and asking God to "make this my life." Although in some aspects I was already getting paid to travel, I wanted to travel more without it conflicting with my businesses or my bank account.

A few days after making that statement, I was back at home managing my businesses and hustling for my next dollar. Suddenly I was hit with the idea of becoming a flight attendant. I thought "why not?" Other than the fact that I didn't want another job, being a flight attendant would allow me the opportunity to have what I asked for: I'd get to travel whenever I wanted AND it would bring in some income for me.

After letting the idea sit in my mind for a few days, I decided to take a chance. And what better airline to apply for than the one I was already flying with... Delta Air Lines. Not only is one of their major hubs located in Atlanta, but they're also arguably America's best airline and a highly reputable company within the aviation industry.

One of my main requirements when it came to seeking employment was that whatever company I worked for had to not only reflect my lifestyle but also enhance my life. After running multiple businesses, I'd learned how to survive without a job- so taking just any job was not an option for me. IF I were going to take a job at all- it had to benefit me in more ways than just a paycheck.

Applying for the job

I eventually applied for the position in May 2022. A couple days later I was chosen to participate in their talent acquisition and about a month later I received an email inviting me to do a zoom interview with a hiring specialist. A few days had passed before I received an email for a face to face interview at their headquarters in Atlanta.

Ironically and coincidentally I received my CJO (conditional job offer) on the same day that I quit my previous job 2 years prior- July 20th. Once I completed all their required screenings and tests, I was told I'd be starting their 6 week training program in August. Initially I thought "training? How can you train people to pour coke and hand out cookies?" But boy was I wrong and ignorant of the actual job flight attendants do.

Y'all- when I say training was no joke, I mean that it was NO JOKE! 6 week training, 6 days a week, 10-12+ hour days with homework, no days off, no late reporting and no sick days. It was very intense... I practically learned everything about the role of a flight attendant EXCEPT for how to pour coke and hand out cookies. Oh and did I mention that I was only being paid the Georgia minimum wage of $7.25/hr?! Yes, that's right- I went from making a few grand a month as a business owner to making pennies on the dollar- and while I'm grateful that I made anything (I hear some airlines don't pay for training) I took a significant pay cut and struggled A LOT!

The only thing that kept me going was knowing that once training was complete, I'd be locked in with a much heftier salary and free flights... But my goodness- it was a ROUGH 6 weeks.

Anyways, I ultimately passed training which included weekly tests, drills and evaluations. I graduated on October 7th, 2022 and when I say I was tired, frustrated and over it all- I truly mean it. Training almost broke me in more ways than one, but that's just how bad I wanted the job. I managed to survive and now life is much better than it was. I'm grateful and thankful for the friends I have because without them lending a helping hand when I needed it, I don't know that I would've succeeded due to all the stress I was under.

My first 6 months in...

As of May 2023- I've now been a flight attendant for over 6 months and have completed my probationary period; and in all honesty, I'm glad I stuck it out. This is the career of a life time and most importantly, it didn't take me away from what I love doing- traveling. I now travel more than I'd like to but I have no complaints at all. I love what I do and couldn't see myself doing anything else.

I took a pause from running my businesses to focus on training, but I still consult and I take notary clients from time to time. There is no job like being a flight attendant. Getting paid to travel and see the world, having access to free or discounted flights whenever I want to travel and being able to just get up and go at the drop of a dime is my ideal lifestyle. I'm glad that I found a company that I'm proud to represent.

So, what's my schedule like?

My schedule is crazy, to say the least... but crazy in a good way. I always know exactly where I'll be going a month in advance and if I want to move things around or change my trips, I have the free will to do so. I can work as little as 45 hours a month or as much as 90+. Although I don't have the traditional schedule of working 40 hours a week, it still feels like it.

I'm typically assigned 1, 2 or 3 day trips depending on what my preferences are. For example, my schedule will show me if I'm going to Texas, New York or Florida and on what days I'll be there. It shows me exactly where I'll be laying over and for how long. It also shows me what airports I'm flying in and out of, as well as whether or not I'm working the flight or simply "deadheading" (which means I'm not technically working the flight, I'm just onboard as a passenger in my uniform likely headed to work another flight in a different airport/state.)

I'm allowed to swap, drop and pick up trips that are more or less desirable to me. If I want to go to Las Vegas for a weekend, I'll find a trip that gets me there and has a long layover so I can hang out and enjoy the city. If I see a trip on my schedule that's going somewhere I don't want to be I can swap out of it with another flight attendant. The flexibility is great considering there are so many options to get what you want and avoid what you don't want.

I can also select the days and hours I do or don't want to work. I can choose whether I want to work domestically or internationally, if I want to work long, coast to coast flights like New York to California or short, local flights like Georgia to Tennessee. There are so many preferences we're allowed to have as flight attendants that it makes the job manageable for whatever lifestyle we have.

I've even heard of some people only working overnight flights so that they're home to get their kids to school in the morning. I've also heard of people preferring 3 day or longer trips because they like having long layovers.

Me personally, I'm open to whatever trip that ends up on my schedule. I usually end up with 4 trips a month on my schedule. That's 1 trip a week, not including my A-days. What are A-days? They're "access days" which means that I have to be available to the company for whatever they decide to give me for a minimum of 6 days a month.

I like to call these the "wild card" days because you never know what you're going to get. Although you can bid for what you want, there's no guarantee you'll get it. Sometimes you get exactly what you asked for, other times you get nothing at all... however- the beautiful thing is that you still get paid whether you're chosen to work these days or not.

So I guess it's safe to say that I got what I asked for... My wish of "make this my life" actually came true. In the 6 months that I've been employed, I've gotten 2 raises, a piece of the company's profit sharing, the "flight leader" title and I'll get my yearly anniversary raise in a few short months. Yes, I get a raise every year for 12 years straight until I max out. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity.

In closing, I'll say this- go after what you want in life or settle for what you get, and if you settle, don't complain. Having the life you want is as simple as going after it. Had I let the thought of simply being a flight attendant stay in my mind without acting on it, I would've missed a life changing opportunity for myself.

I definitely look forward to growing with this company and advancing in my own personal life.

Always remember: there is nothing we can't do, nothing we can't have and nothing we can't accomplish-- for as long as we believe we can, we will.

Stay tuned, subscribe and follow me for more travel pictures and blogs. Summer is coming and I can't wait to share my experiences!! Until then-




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