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"Who took the pic?" 🤔 A blog for the inquisitive.

The comical question that follows me around wherever I go... "who takes your pictures?"

Whether I'm on vacation across the globe or right in my backyard, it never fails. Someone is always asking me who took the picture? Lol.... the answer: ME! I take all my own pictures. I use a selfie stick, a Bluetooth remote and my phones timer. I stage my environment and make sure the lighting is good. Outfit? Check! Make-up? On pointe! Got my pose ready.... annnnnd FLICK! Picture taken!

It's no surprise that technology has come a long way from having to carry around those disposable Polaroid cameras in order to take high quality pictures. We now have devices capable of snapping multiple, even dozens of pictures within just a few seconds. Even better, there's no waiting for your pictures to develop. No printing, no fees, no over exposed or blurry shots. Our phones are ingenious little things. Able to tell us the time, the date, our exact location and as if that wasn't enough-- we can also use them to take our own selfies! 😱🤯 Mindblowing!!

And that's what inspired this blog. I was asked to create a tutorial on how I take my own pictures. At first I thought people were joking, until I started receiving messages from folks genuinely inquiring about how to take bomb pictures by yourself. So here it is, "How to take your own pictures, 101!"

Check out this video of how I take my own selfies

First things first, set up your phones camera. Choose your filters (if you're into that sorta thing), choose the lighting hues you want, set the timer and get familiar with your capture button. Another handy tip is to use your phones front facing camera. This helps you see how you look prior to taking the picture. Fix your hair, your makeup, your clothes, check your pose, etc. Always take selfies with the front facing camera for accuracy. And if you really wanna get fancy, invest in some handy camera tools. A ring light is a great way to help lighten and brighten up your pictures. A selfie stick (my personal favorite) allows you to extend your phone in order to capture your entire outfit or background. Pair that with a tripod and you'll be able to stand your camera on it's own and go hands free in your pictures! And if you're feeling really fancy you can even buy a Bluetooth remote and program it to your phone. This allows you to pose up to so many feet away from your phone, press the button on your remote and your phone will snap the picture instantaneously. Viola! You are now your own photographer wherever you go!

All of these devices are really small and can be carried around in a medium sized purse or bag. The selfie stick can be extended to about 3-4 feet while also sliding back into position of about 12 inches long. The perfect size for carrying it with you everywhere you go. I have every item that I mentioned in this blog. I call them my selfie buddies ☺ If you're a selfie queen like I am then you know that you can never leave home without these items. Click the links and check out each item on the list to help get you started on your own selfie journey.

Step your selfie game up! Once you get good enough at it, you'll be snapping selfies all over the place. No more asking someone to take your picture for you. The tripods are sturdy enough to stand on their own without tumbling over and they come in all different colors. Mount them on bookshelves, in the sand, by the pool, in the car or pretty much wherever you feel like taking a picture and BOOM! Awesome selfies that'll have people asking you "who took the pic?"

An informative blog by yours truly,

Ashawna Lane 😘

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