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Success starts in the Mind:
the key to unlocking your true potential

I wrote this book with the aim of helping others become better versions of themselves. The goal is to unpack every negative thing we've been told about ourselves, about our lives and about our abilities. In order to retrain our minds for success, we have to think of the limitless possibilities we're capable of. I realize that a lot of people become stagnant due to a scarcity of self-belief and a lack of confidence. I believe that by instilling positive thoughts along with healthy mental exercises, images and reinforcements- we are all capable of reaching our true potentials and becoming the very best versions of ourselves.

Tips on how to properly use your LLC

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So you got your LLC, now what? Get this guide to help you figure out exactly how to utilize your LLC to your advantage. Learn what an LLC is, how to use it and what the advantages are to having one. Whether you already have an LLC or are thinking about filing one with your secretary of state, this guide is for you!

What's Included:

  • The breakdown of an LLC

  • Differences between an LLC and other entities

  • Perks of having an LLC

  • How to utilize your LLC properly

  • Steps to take after forming your LLC

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How to Build Business Credit pt. 1 & 2: Establishing Credit and Getting Approved!

In these easy "how to" guides, you'll learn the steps that I took to establish and build a credit portfolio for my business. You'll also learn which accounts are easiest to get approved with. These are the perfect guides for start up businesses and entrepreneurs looking to acquire business loans, credit cards and more. Never use your personal credit for business expenses. Learn how to separate your personal finances from your business finances in order to avoid tax and liability issues in your business.

What's Included:

  • What is business credit?

  • How to build, leverage & manage business credit

  • How to get Net 30 accounts

  • Recommended vendor accounts for your business

  • Business banking, EIN + Duns Number info

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ashawna lane turo tips online course e book guide

Turo Tips: How to make $1,000 a month by renting your car! 

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This online course will provide you step-by-step details on how to rent your car out using the Turo platform. Order your course today and follow the guidelines to start making passive income today! Learn how to write accurate descriptions, take great pictures, provide eye catching perks and maximize your overall earning potential. 

What's included:

  • Turo insurance policies and break downs

  • Tracking device recommendations for your car

  • How to set your own prices

  • How to write detailed descriptions

  • Which perks help your car rent more

  • Recommendations on how to take the best pictures

  • How to earn maximum payouts