About me

"Each one teach one and we all win!"

ashawna lane professional business woman content marketing creator goals
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California- I've always been
an entrepreneur with a "go-getter" mentality.

My introduction to entrepreneurship began at the age of 14.
I would use my allowance to buy candy bars in bulk and then sell them individually in front of busy strip malls. I learned early on how to invest, sell, reinvest and scale my profit margins.

Although at the time I didn't know what an entrepreneur was,
I just knew that I liked working and making money. Since that time I've owned multiple successful businesses and still enjoy the thrill of living an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

I now help other aspiring entrepreneurs do the same
by sharing my personal insights, advice and expertise. 

My goal in life is to be a source of motivation, uplifting, support and encouragement.
I push others to believe in themselves and follow their dreams despite whatever their socioeconomic backgrounds and circumstances may be.

As a minority and woman owned business- I believe that starting a business is something worth being proud of. It leads the way for change not only within ourselves, but in our communities, in our relationships and ultimately throughout the world. 

So far I've assisted dozens of entrepreneurs with the start up of their businesses and I look forward to helping many more! In addition to my consulting services, I offer small business owners the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed through adversity.