Author, Consultant, Speaker,
Mentor, Entrepreneur,
World Traveler

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA- I was never afraid to go after the things I wanted in life and because of that I've been fortunate enough to live life on my own terms. I was an entrepreneur long before I even knew what an entrepreneur was. As a teenager I always had this self starting attitude that has propelled me forward and provided me with life altering opportunities.


In 2020 I walked away from my position as an advisor for a top fortune 500 company and decided to pursue my ultimate goal of becoming a full time entrepreneur and world traveler. I've not looked back since...

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I partnered my consultant business with the NSBA out of Washington D.C. where I act as an advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I provide effective leadership through mentoring and business development strategies for people looking for ways to generate income outside of their jobs.


To date I've successfully helped dozens of entrepreneurs become business owners and valuable members of their communities.


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