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​Originally from Los Angeles, California- I'm an ambitious entrepreneur, dedicated business owner and adventurous world traveler currently living in Atlanta, GA. 

My solo travel journey began when I decided that I no longer wanted to just work, pay bills and fall into "the everyday routine" called life. I sacrificed a lot in order to follow my passion of seeing the world and after visiting nearly 30 countries on 5 continents, my love of travel hasn't slowed down one bit!

I've been featured in several publications for the work that I do and my goal in life is to be a positive source of motivation, uplifting, support and empowerment. I enjoy sharing my life experiences and encouraging others to live outside of their confinements. 


My experiences have led me to a life full of adventure, exploration and timeless memories. When I'm not hanging with tigers, swimming with sharks or jumping out of planes, find me somewhere around the world indulging in all the best that life has to offer!

The Vatican in Vatican City, Italy
Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor, Egypt
Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France
Segway in St. Lucia
El Arco in Cabo, Mexico
Paddle Boarding in St. Thomas
Camel ride in Cairo, Egypt
ATV in St. Kitts
Dolphin kiss in Anguilla
Cleopatra needle in Luxor, Egypt
Amsterdam selfie
Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Tower Bridge in London, England
The Louvre in Paris, France
Red phone booth, London, England
Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt
Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Spain
Eiffle Tower in Paris, France
Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy
Top of Oia in Santorini, Greece
Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Gondola ride in Venice, Italy
Elephant Trek in Phuket, Thailand
Boat fun in Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Great Wall of China, Beijing
Boat fun at James Bond Island, Thailand
Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand
Sunset in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico
Flamingo Island, Aruba
Tiny Cabin, Suches, Georgia
Tiger Sanctuary, Phuket, Thailand
Ocean Views in the Caribbean
Poolside in Las Vegas
Cancun, Mexico
Puerto Villarta, Mexico


  • France: Paris

  • Greece: Athens, Santorini, Rhodes

  • Switzerland: Zurich

  • Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Vatican City

  • Iceland: Reykjavic

  • United Kingdom: London

  • Spain: Barcelona, Madrid

  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam

  • Belgium: Brussels


  • Egypt: Cairo, Luxor


  • China: Beijing

  • Thailand: Phuket

The Americas

The Caribbean

  • North America: 30 U.S. States, Mexico, Canada

  • South America: Peru

  • Central America: Panama, Belize, Costa Rica

  • St. Kitts & Nevis

  • St. Maarten

  • St. Lucia

  • Jamaica

  • Puerto Rico

  • Nassau

  • Freeport

  • St. Thomas

  • Dominican Republic

  • Aruba

  • Turks & Caicos

  • Anguilla

  • Barbados

My Travel Journey

I truly believe that it's NEVER too late to start something new! I didn't get on my first plane until 2016. Take a look at my journey since then...


  • took my first flight to Cairo, Egypt

  • visited Paris, France in the same year

  • started my travel blog: In the Travel Lane



  • changed careers

  • got to tour 2 of 7 great wonders of the world

  • traveled through Mexico and the U.S.


  • traveled to 8 Caribbean islands/countries 

  • visited 12 countries in 5 months

  • toured 10 famous monuments around the world

ashawna lane pisa tower leaning italy europe


  • visited 4 more countries and toured my 3rd great wonder of the world

  • took my dream vacation to Thailand

  • walked on the Great wall of China

  • traveled to my 5th continent


  • quit my job

  • moved across the country

  • started my own business during the pandemic


  • visited my 25th country 

  • toured my 5th Great Wonder of the World 

  • became a brand ambassador for several well known brands

  • gained my first featured publication

ashawna lane content marketing billboard marketer creator atlanta georgia
Ashawna Lane March Branding Session-30.jpg
welcome home ashawna lane atlanta georgia


  • visited 2 new countries

  • established my business with the NSBA out of Washington, DC

  • had my first public speaking engagement

  • became a flight attendant for a well known airline


  • present day- stay tuned!

ashawna lane nsba leadership council member washington dc business woman owner empowerment
Ashawna Lane Speaking-22.jpg
ashawna lane shoutout atlanta georgia los angeles california magazine feature
great wall of china

Brands I've Worked With

  • Carnival Cruise Line

  • Renaissance Hotels

  • Hilton Hotel

  • Renew You Body Butters

  • Travel Masters Insurance

  • Downtown Hott Radio

  • Waldorf Astoria Hotel


  • Amtrak Train Line

  • Margaritaville

  • Turo

  • Blvk Rose Expo

  • VoyageATL

  • Canvas Rebel

  • Shoutout Atlanta

  • Shoutout Savannah

  • Hoinser Group

  • NSBA

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