Get to know Ashawna Lane

Ashawna Lane
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California- Ashawna Lane has always been an entrepreneur with a "go-getter" mentality. Her first introduction to entrepreneurship began at the age of 14. She would use her allowance to buy candy bars in bulk and then sell them in front of busy strip malls for a profit.

Although at the time she didn't know what an entrepreneur was, she knew that she enjoyed working independently and teaching others how to do the same. Since that time she's gone on to run multiple successful businesses and still enjoys the freedom of entrepreneurship.

After walking away from a Fortune 500 company she moved to Atlanta and started her own consulting business, AshawnaLane,LLC. Her company focuses on helping other aspiring entrepreneurs start and maintain successful businesses. As a member of the SBA and NSBA Leadership Council, she provides the necessary experience to secure funding along with government contracts and other valuable resources required to start a business. 

As a minority and woman owned business- she believes that starting a business is something worth being proud of and so far has assisted dozens of entrepreneurs with business start ups. In addition to her consulting services, she also offers small business owners the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed through her personalized business mentorship courses.
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