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How I got over my fear of traveling alone...

I've been to 24 countries on 5 continents by myself and one would think I'd be used to it by now, however I must admit that there are times where I still find myself a bit nervous about the whole thing.

How? Well, to tell the truth I believe it's just human nature to be nervous about experiencing new things. Whether it's trying new food, going to a new school or meeting new people- sometimes we just get nervous about the whole experience. Not nervous in a sense of not wanting to do it, but nervous as in excited, curious, anxious and eager. Being nervous about something is not always a bad thing. I think it's just our instincts telling us to be careful and proceed with caution.

This year (2021) has been the year of the travel comeback for a lot of people. After being stuck in the house and prohibited on where we could go freely, I feel like people are dying to get out and travel more- even if that means going alone.

If you're thinking about how to get over the fear of traveling solo then this blog is for you! Here's my personal advice about how I overcame my own fears of traveling alone:

The first thing I did was put all negativity out of my mind.

All those thoughts about "what if this happens" and "what if someone does something to me" I kicked them out of my head! I didn't listen to those voices and instead replaced them with positive reinforcing thoughts like "nothing will happen to me because I know how to protect myself" and "as long as I'm smart and use my head, I'll be alright!"

And so far I've been alright with that thinking. I've not had any bad experiences while traveling alone. Sure, bad things can happen, but that's true for anywhere you go- not just while traveling. The truth is most people are generally very friendly and don't bother me. In fact, they're curious and want to talk to me about being alone. I welcome the conversations and after telling them my reasons, they're usually in awe and often times even admit to how they wish they could travel alone too.

I planned trips within confined capacities.

What I mean by that is I planned trips that I thought would be safest for a solo female traveler. Trips like cruises are the perfect way to start a solo travel journey. Not only are cruises all inclusive, but you also get your own cabin that you can choose to stay in all day if you want to. You don't necessarily have to interact with others and there are tons of things to do on board a cruise ship. You can shop, hang out at a bar, a pool, a lounge area and so much more. It's a great way to get your feet wet (so to speak) to see if whether or not solo travel is for you.

You also get to visit different countries or islands which help you see a few different places at one time. It's one of the most affordable ways to see multiple places all for 1 price. And again, you have the option to stay onboard if you choose not to get off the ship. No one is going to force you to do anything you don't want to do. But I will say cruising is an absolute fun way to get into traveling alone.

I stopped listening to what other people had to say about certain places.

People will always have a story about how someone got robbed, hurt or lost while traveling somewhere. But as I mentioned earlier, those things can happen anywhere, not just while traveling. Don't let their negative viewpoint of the world stop you from seeing it if that's what you truly want to do. Your travel journey will always be what you make it. Make the most of it by preparing yourself mentally and encouraging yourself to try new things. You'd be surprised at how much fun and freedom you have while traveling alone.

Through using this thought process I've been able to comfortably go to dozens of places by myself with confidence. I know how to steer clear of what I may perceive as danger and I trust myself to make the right decisions when it comes to my safety. For more ways on how you can stay safe on your travel journey, check out this blog on 5 important safety tips for the solo female traveler!

If you want more travel tips and advice on how to become a solo traveler, how to travel more for less or how to get paid to travel, be sure to subscribe to my blog!

Thanks for reading and happy travels!!

XOXO- Ashawna Lane

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