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Affordable getaways for $500 or less!

When you think of the summer time, naturally you think of beaches, fun in the sun, no school, and vacation time! If you're like me- then vacation time is always exciting. The planning, the packing, the traveling, the entire experience of getting away is what's most fun about a vacation. But what if you just don't have the funds to travel? Does that mean you have to stay home and settle for watching other people vacation on Facebook? Absolutely not!! Here I composed a list of budget friendly vacations that cost $500 or less, without slacking up on the fun.

1) The Amtrak train runs just about anywhere you can think of in the U.S. Now most people don't think of "fun" when they think about riding the train. But- if you change your mind, you can go far on a train, and enjoy the ride at the same time. Trains offer free Wifi, snacks, beverages, and free wine if you sit in business class. Did I mention that business class seats usually only run about $10-$50 more than regular economy class seats? Yes, it's true- you can enjoy a business class seat with all the perks and still come out on the lighter end of your budget. For example: an Amtrak surfliner train from L.A's famous Union station to downtown San Diego will cost you about $50+ one way, and roughly around $112 for a round trip ticket. You can enjoy the sun, the ocean, the food, and the night light without breaking your budget! And if you really want to have a good time, book a room in one of the ocean front hotels for $125 or so and wake up right on the ocean. Have yourself a mini-vacation that feels like you're on a real vacation, on the ocean staying at a resort. The minimum cost for this little getaway is approximately $300! Once you've seen enough of the town, hop a train back to L.A, and return to your regularly scheduled program. Easy!

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2) The Hornblower cruise lines offer a wide variety of experiences aboard their cruise ships and yachts. Find them docked at just about any port throughout California and schedule yourself an inexpensive sailing. Most cruises include finger food, wine, and ample enough seating to be able to enjoy sunsets, and whale watching! These cruises will run you anywhere from $50-$150 depending on the itinerary selected. While this may not be a "vacation" or getaway, it's still a very affordable way to get out of the house and do something nice for yourself or with a group of friends.

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3) If you're really feeling bold and want to try something adventurous, I suggest taking a helicopter ride around your city! Most cities offer helicopter rides from small airports or hangers. A helicopter ride is fantastic way to get up in the air and see your city from a different angle. You might even get the chance to fly over your house and see your neighbors! The pilots are nice, and they offer many different packages to chose from. Prices range anywhere from $250 or less to as high as $1,000 for a deluxe package. It's an excellent way to lose your head in the clouds, and fly the friendly skies, no matter what state you're in.

4) Cruise ships are a fun and inexpensive way to travel, see several places at once, and meet tons of great people. They're all inclusive which means you can eat all the food you want, whenever you want to! They also have bars, restaurants, movie theaters, libraries, comedy clubs, dance clubs, and kid clubs if you're traveling with children. There's no going wrong with booking a cruise. You can take a 2 day, 3 day, 4-5-6- or 7 day cruise for little to nothing when planned correctly. Cruises prices can start as low as $199 and go up from there. They're typically more fun with more people, so find a few friends, pool your money together, and get cruising! Most cruise lines offer vacations to several destinations around the world. The only problem you may have is trying to figure out where you want to go!

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These are just a few ideas on vacations or things you can do for $500 or less. There are hundreds of other options to chose from meaning that you have no excuse to sit around this summer doing nothing! Even the smallest budgets can afford to do big things. So gather up a few of your friends, and get out there. There's no turning back once you start.

If you've enjoyed this blog, share it with your tips so they can use these fun tips too! As always, thanks for reading and happy travels!!

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