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Thinking of traveling to Thailand? Of course you are! Here are 10 amazing things for you to do when

Hey guys! So as many of you may know, I just completed a week long trip in Phuket, Thailand for my 34th birthday. It was an incredible experience, certainly one that I won't forget any time soon!

With it's beautiful lush green scenery, picturesque islands and turquoise beaches, Thailand definitely has a lot to offer it's tourist. If you're considering a future trip to the amazing island, here are a few once in a lifetime adventures you can create for yourself in the country!

1- Elephant Sanctuary

With so many activities to choose from, let this be in your top 5 things to do when you arrive! The elephant sanctuaries are located all over the island so you'll never have trouble finding one to visit. I suggest finding a location near your hotel and letting your hotel staff assist with the booking. They'll know all the best tour companies and guides to use, saving you time and energy from trying to find one on your own. Once booked, get ready to enjoy riding, swimming, feeding and even bathing the elephants! Such gentle giants and harmless creatures- don't be afraid to interact with them. The sanctuaries are rescue centers for elephants that have been abused and/or used for human entertainment, such as being forced to perform in circuses or worse, hunted and killed by ivory poachers for their tusks. Take a leisurely ride through the jungle on one of these animals and you'll see why this activity deserves to be one of the top 5 things to do in Thailand!

2- Tiger Kingdom

You can not visit Thailand without paying a visit to the tiger kingdom in Phuket. When I say tiger kingdom, I mean exactly that! It's a place where tigers live, train and roam freely within their enclosed habitats. Gather your nerves and be prepared to experience a life altering encounter with the wild animals. Lay on them, pet them, rub their bellies and take some photos for your collection. With professional tiger handlers standing by, this activity is unlike anything you will ever experience in your life! I can guarantee it!!

3- Snorkeling

If elephants and tigers aren't your thing, no worries-- their are also much smaller and safer animals to encounter during your visit. Pick a beach known for its beautiful mangroves and go snorkeling with exotic fish! The fish are harmless and the water is warm- a perfect combination for splashing about while sight seeing hundreds of different fish underwater.

4- Boat Ride to James Bond Island

Looking to get your feet wet without too much strenuous exercise?! Take a nice boat ride over to Phang Nga Bay and feast your eyes on the iconic "James Bond Island." Named after Mr. 007 himself, the rock is famous because of it's appearance in the classic James Bond Film 'The Man with the Golden Gun'. It is now undeniably a tourist hotspot that people from all over the world go to see. Plan to spend a few hours on this tour to take advantage of all that the island has to offer.

5- World Famous Night Market

Known for it's exotic foods, rambunctious night life and over crowded shopping portals, this is where you get to experience the heart of Phuket. Eat, drink and shop til you drop at this one stop outdoor market. It has everything you need and probably a few things you don't need-- but it is definitely worth a visit. Depending on where you're traveling from on the island, a taxi can get you there for pretty cheap, leaving you with enough money to buy clothes, shoes, food, luggage, souvenirs and anything else you find interesting! Only open on weekends, don't miss out on visiting this place.

6- Speed Boat to Phi Phi Islands

Got a need for speed and thrilling adventures? Take a speed boat to Phi Phi Don and go for a relaxing swim in the ocean. From Phuket by speed boat takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get there, but once there- you'll have plenty of time to recharge and enjoy the sand, the views and the refreshing waters surrounding the island. Grab a bite to eat or order a drink from a local bar and chill out in the sand. Definitely worth a trip if you want to get away from the busy city for a day.

7- Relax on a Beach

Take your pick! With several beaches to choose from, you can't go wrong with what you decide. With warm, inviting turquoise water and soft white sand, you'll never want to leave! Grab a hammock, a tree swing or hang out in a beach chair and enjoy the views. The beach is definitely a must when you go to Thailand.

8- Visit Monkey Beach

So many animals and adventures to choose from, but don't sleep on the monkeys! Hang out with these guys and feed them bananas, corn, nuts and berries or watch them dive off cliffs into the water to retrieve different foods. Fun, exciting and memorable. How many places can you go where you can interact with monkeys on a beach?! I certainly don't know of any... but beware, the monkeys will snatch food from your hands if you're not paying attention. They're like overactive toddlers that have eaten too much candy. Save your energy for this one! You'll need it...

9- Go see the Big Buddha

Famous in Asian culture, Buddha and his practices are known widely throughout Asian countries. Pay your respect and visit the temple that houses this hundred feet tall Buddha statue! It's a bit of a climb to the top of all the stairs, but the reward comes once you make it to the top! The views of nearly the entire island are stunning and breath taking. Don't forget your camera because the photos will definitely make the entire journey that much more memorable!

10- Canoe to hidden treasures

Looking for an adventure with a thrill? Take a canoe inside a cave and paddle your way through hypnotic emerald green waters; or lay back in your canoe and let an expert do the paddling for you. Relax and enjoy the wind as it flows over you while you ride between islands checking out the natural stone mimicries of different icons. Icons such as scooby doo, King Kong and even fish and chickens! But not to worry, the stones are just formed like these icons and won't come to life. Although cool and fun to see, coming upon 'Kong Island' can be quite a mind blowing thing. Imagine approaching a large island shaped like King Kong! Be prepared to get led by your imagination. You'll see what you want to see... Although leisurely, this tour can definitely be a lot of fun. Try it out!!

Adventures and tours will be strictly dependent on you and what you like to do. This blog was just a way to offer a few suggestions on what to do if you visit Thailand. All experiences will be different so don't expect the outcome to be exactly the same as mine. Create your own memories and experiences, life is fleeting so do as much with it as you can before it's gone. As true in all aspects, the only thing guaranteed in life is death. Start living!

Check out this cool video of all the things I did while on my trip to Thailand!

Thanks for taking to time to read this blog! If you enjoyed it, feel free to share it with your friends and family. You never know who may need the information.

And as always, safe travels!!

Xoxo- Ashawna Lane

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