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Bucket list: 10 must see beaches from around the world!

Here's a list of the 10 must see beaches from around the world to add to your bucket list!

10- Grand Case Beach on the French side of St. Maarten. Voted the best beach in the caribbean, Grand Case Beach offers some of the most beautiful blue waters in the world. With white sands and a very prestigious beach club, you'll definitely want to put this beach on your list of beaches to visit!!

9- Miramar Beach, FL is a super cozy beach right here in the states. Crystal clear waters right in San Destin on the coast of Florida is a must see! With super friendly locals, tons of shopping and quiet condo lounging (in the off season)- Miramar is away from the hustle and bustle of Miami, South Beach and many of the other busy Florida beaches.

8- Perissa Beach, Greece is for beach lovers alike. If you're a fan of black sandy beaches, ice blue waters and beautiful weather, Perissa is definitely the beach for you! Located in Santorini, you'll find that it's one of the beach beaches in the world to visit!

7- Baby Beach in Aruba is a local beach that's perfect for families. Less populated than other beaches, you'll find a quaint and cozy beach for lot's of fun away from busy tourists. If you're looking to get some real hang out time at a beach, Baby beach is the place for you!

6- Cockleshell Bay Beach in St. Kitts is a small beach perfect for a day trip while in the Caribbean. Not overcrowded with tourists and surrounded by beautiful lush hillsides, this beach is a definite plus for this list.

5- St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John take your pick! Each of these islands offer the most spectacular beaches in all the world. All different in their own unique ways, the commonality they share is their wonderful beaches. There really isn't a favorite here because they're all great!

4- Phi Phi Islands in Thailand aren't technically a beach, but they do have beach vibes. With snorkeling, kayaking and a host of other water activities- visiting the Phi Phi Islands should be on every travelers bucket list.

3- Shoal Bay Beach in Anguilla is most definitely the most beautiful beach you'll ever visit. Quiet, white sands and calm, warm waters, this beach is one of 33 beaches on the tiny island of Anguilla. All boasting powdery white sands, you'll have a hard time choosing which one is the best.

2- Bathsheba beach in Barbados is one of the nicest beaches on the small island of Barbados. With breath taking views and picturesque scenery, you can't go wrong when visiting this beach in the Caribbean.

1- Riviera Maya in Mexico offers some of the best beaches on the planet. There really isn't a particular beach to name here as the entire area is surrounded by awesome beaches. The turquoise waters accompanied by white sands and blue skies make for the perfect beach combo! Take your pick when traveling here as all the beaches have something to offer.

I hope you've enjoyed my list of the 10 must see beaches from around the world! As a Californian who grew up surrounded by beaches, I narrowed down my absolute favorite beaches throughout the world. Be sure to check some out and let me know what your favorite is!


Ashawna Lane



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