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5 reasons why you should consider booking a tiny cabin getaway!

Looking for a peaceful getaway with nothing to do? Check this out...

So I decided to pack my bags and take my first road trip of the New Year this past week. I gassed up my car and drove to a small town called Suches. Located in Georgia, Suches is about a 2 hour drive North of Atlanta. I'd never heard of it before my trip, however after doing my research- I learned that it's an unincorporated community in Union County. Known for fishing, hiking and camping, Suches has a population of just under 1,200 people. Pretty small, right?

Getting there was fairly easy as I took interstate 285, to GA 400 to the 19 and then the 60. Once on the 60 the long, winding roads surrounded by mountains, trees and an occasional home made the drive feel a lot shorter than 2 hours. I quite enjoyed the ride and will definitely consider going back. Another great thing that I learned about Suches is that it's approximately 2 and a half hours away from Chattanooga, TN. Which means that if I ever decide to take a road trip there, I can pass directly through Suches to do so.

The purpose of this trip was to relax, unwind and re-align myself for the start of the new year. 2021 was quite the year for me- from settling into Atlanta to becoming a full time entrepreneur, my life got pretty hectic, pretty fast! I just needed to take a break from everything: the emails, the phone calls, social media, business life, work life, traffic and life in general. I needed to press the reset button on my brain and I think I was able to do that on this trip.

Sometimes we all just need a day (or two- or three) where we just do NOTHING. Nothing at all... No TV, no talking, no driving, no technology, no distractions! That was my main goal for this trip and I believe I accomplished it. I found an awesome travel company called Getaway House that offers tiny, remote cabins in the woods specifically made for the type of getaway I so desperately needed; and when I say tiny, I mean TINY! Each cabin is no bigger than 140-200 sq. ft.

Through promoting relaxation, quiet time and "unplugging," none of the cabins have TV's, Wi-fi, computers or cell service. Essentially they are purposely designed to have no access to technology. In fact, my cell service went out about 10-12 miles away from their outpost. Which was fine by me- there was an immediate sense of calmness that came over me once I realized my phone didn't work anymore. In a way, it meant that I no longer had to respond to emails, check push notifications or answer any phone calls. I instantly became more relaxed and less on edge.

Here's a page from a book they had in my cabin called "Getting Away" by Jon Staff, the founder and CEO of Getaway House. In the book he promotes escaping and unplugging from technology as a means of better mental health. He also provides different practices that help with relaxation, gratitude and being comfortable with being bored. While boredom can be a strange concept for most people to not only accept and get comfortable in- that was the entire purpose of my getaway. I literally wanted to be bored and alone with my thoughts.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking-- did I really need to pay a company to be bored? Couldn't I have just stayed home and turned my phone off for free? Lol, the truth is I absolutely could have stayed home and been bored for free, but the experience of being in the quiet woods alone with nature was worth the investment. The trip, the change of scenery, the slower pace and having a clutter free environment all accounted for something. I was able to shut off, shut down and shut out while relaxing my mind, body and spirit in a cozy, but tiny cabin.

**Check out this video of my tiny cabin adventure**

I know camping is not everyone's cup of tea- the whole pitching a tent, sleeping on the cold, hard ground in a sleeping bag or on an air mattress, mosquitoes, bugs and strange noises in the bushes is enough to unsettle anybody; including ME! But this was different... being in a solid cabin with a Queen sized mattress, hot water, a private bathroom and full kitchen made the experience that much better. I did still hear strange noises in the bushes but that's to be expected when you're out in the woods.

All in all I must say that my experience with 'Getaway House' was much needed and long overdue. Being still, being at peace and being undisturbed isn't typically how I spend my vacations. Which is even more reason why I needed this one. My cabin was perfectly cozy with everything I needed and nothing I didn't. Toilet paper, a hot shower, a 2 burner electric stove and a working fridge were just a few of the amenities I had to enjoy on my getaway. Other amenities provided by the cabin were:

  • Toiletries (body wash, shampoo & conditioner)

  • First aid kit

  • Utensils, a pot, pan and dishware

  • Salt, pepper and olive oil

  • A tea kettle

  • Coffee, tea, s'mores, hot chocolate (for a small fee)

  • Firewood, lighters, scissors and can opener

  • Books for reading

  • Electrical outlets

  • Working heat and A/C

  • Bath towels

  • Blankets & pillows

  • Lantern

  • A map of the location & suggestions on what to do

  • Hiking trails

Even though my cabin came with lots of different provisions, I still made sure to pack a few necessities to make my stay even more comfortable. Here's a list of things I packed that might help you pre-plan your own getaway:

  • Electric blanket

  • Long socks

  • Water and snacks

  • Extra seasonings

  • Art supplies

  • Soap and toiletries

  • Food & fruits

  • Bathrobe & house slippers

  • Gloves, beenies and scarves

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Crossword puzzles and reading materials

  • Camera and tripod

Of course I didn't stay in my cabin the entire time! I got out and went hiking, saw some of the sights and checked out a few of the suggestions on my getaway guide. One of which happened to be a gold mining experience in the nearby city of Dahlonega, GA. Famously known for being the nation's first site of the Gold Rush back in the early 1800's, Dahlonega is about 16 miles away from Suches. With a population of just over 6,700 people- it's a city known for its wine country and beautiful mountain vistas.

It was only natural that I try to strike gold while there so I made it my mission to check out Consolidated Gold Mine. Rich in history, this place offers tours to the public of their underground gold mine and they even let you pan for real gold! I got the chance to learn about the history of Dahlonega along with how the miners used to pan for gold in their mine. My tour guide 'Miner Liam' was amazing and very informative when it came to explaining how the miners used to work in the mine to dig out gold and gemstones.

If you're ever in the city and looking for something to do, I highly recommend booking a tour here. It cost $20 and includes the opportunity to pan for your own gold. My pan had a tiny gold nugget in it and I got to keep it as a souvenir. I even got the chance to mine my own gemstones which was a lot of fun.

Being able to getaway and shut down from everything left me feeling surprisingly relaxed and refreshed. I was able to think without interruptions and practice some daily meditations. I created a vision board for 2022 and wrote down all of my intentions and expectations for the year. I recited some positive affirmations over my life and got the chance to express my gratitude for all the good I've been blessed with.

It's one thing to relax our bodies, it's an entirely different thing to relax our minds. There are times when massages, bubble baths and self care remedies simply won't do. Finding a quiet space and carving out some time to dedicate to our mental well being is of great significance to our lives. I believe it helps keep us focused, alert and in the best frame of mind. My trip wasn't to escape problems or getaway from anything in particular- it was to find myself and retrain/refocus my mind on what's important in life.

Being good to ourselves sometimes means shutting down and listening to what our bodies/minds are trying to tell us. Our minds can get so cluttered with work, life, business, social media and so many other things that it causes us to lose focus and become distracted from our goals, our health and our overall well being.

That translates to our bodies being tired, fatigue, stressed out and easily annoyed. This can cause weight gain/loss, depression, sleep deprivation, headaches, acne, bloating and a host of other negative reactions. In order to avoid getting to that point, I try as often as I can to travel, meditate, relax and getaway from the whole "life routine."

Although traveling is fun and can be a sense of enjoyment, it can also be very therapeutic and re-energizing. I encourage everyone I come into contact with to travel more- even if it isn't out of the country or out of state. Just a simple getaway that allows you to get out of the everyday routine of life can be a huge mental adjustment that most of us don't even realize we need.

Take a trip to a nearby city. Go on a road trip a few hours away. Book a stay at a nice hotel and get a massage. Treat yourself to a wine tasting or perhaps go hiking, fishing or sight seeing. Visit a museum, go for a bike ride-- do something that breaks up the monotony of work and life. We weren't created to just pay bills and die! The best thing we can do with our lives is get out and live a little.

Having the chance to get out with my camera, roast some marshmallows, watch sunsets, stargaze and chill in front of a cozy camp fire in nature was more than enough to relax and restore my mental.

If you're looking for a quiet getaway away from technology and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, here are 5 reasons to consider booking with Getaway House:

  1. Affordability is always key when planning a trip. The experience they provide is unmatched and definitely worth the investment. For the same price as most hotels, you get your own cabin, kitchen, bathroom and fire pit.

  2. Peace and quiet. Uninterrupted silence that offers pure relaxation and no distractions. Focus on what's important and free your mind.

  3. Eat, sleep, go for a walk and stare at the stars. Gather your thoughts and be unbothered. Write down some goals, reflect on life, re-boost your immune system.

  4. Fresh air, beautiful sunsets, birds chirping and scenic backgrounds are just a few more reasons to book your stay. No traffic, no airplanes, no sirens, no bosses bossing you around. Just you, nature and your tiny piece of solitude.

  5. Did I mention there's no technology? I know there are some people who simply cannot live without their phones BUT if you're anything like me- taking a break and being without a phone for a few days is a treat.


Ashawna Lane


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