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No Passport? No Problem! Here's a list of Beautiful Islands that don't require a Passport to Visit!

Get your travel on by visiting these passport free islands!

St. Thomas, St. John & St. Croix

You can find these 3 islands centered in the beautiful tropics of the Caribbean. These islands make up 3/4 of the U.S. Virgin Islands and require no passport to visit. The average cost of a round trip flight during low tourist season (September-April) is between $225-$450 and in high tourist season (Mid April- late August) can run as much as $360-$625. Costs vary by airline and island. For a less expensive way to travel, go during the off season. Hotels are usually cheaper during this time and the islands aren't crawling with tourist; giving you the perfect opportunity to experience the islands at your leisure. You can even island hop with the right planning and see what each island has to offer since they're all located just a few nautical miles from the next one. Take a short boat ride or flight and travel to all of them with no problem.

All the islands offer their own scenery, lifestyle and culture. Do your research and find which one best fits your style and comfort level. For about $1,000 you can travel to these islands from the U.S, stay in a nice hotel and experience island lifestyle without a passport!


With just a short 5 hour flight from LAX and so many different islands to choose from, you can't go wrong with planning your next vacation to Hawaii. Each island offers something different for every traveler. Traveling with a group of friends and looking to have a good time? The 'big island' of Hawaii and Oahu are perfect for that! They give each person something to do with unlimited options of keeping yourselves entertained. Thinking of a baecation? Maui and Waikiki are great islands for lovers, couples and honeymooners to walk along sandy beaches and occupy each others space. Going solo and looking to just chill out with not too much distraction? Try Lanai or Kauai-- both are more relaxed islands but still offer all the great aspects of their neighboring islands should you decide to want to add a bit of adventure to your trip.

Wherever you land, you'll be sure to have a great time in Hawaii. The islands each offer their own unique lifestyles, beaches, resorts, activities and much more. The best times of year to visit and beat the rainy season are April, May, September and October. The average cost to visit can range between $1,200 and $2,000 (depending on the island and time of year.) Again, try going during the off season to save even more!

Puerto Rico

Take a trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and emerge yourself in the exotic scenery and lifestyle of the locals. Eat, drink and be merry as there is much to do and see on this culture rich island. Fly into San Juan and take a short taxi ride to old town San Juan to see picturesque cobble stoned streets, hundred year old architecture and unlimited views of the North Atlantic Ocean. Lounge at the beach, enjoy the locals and partake in their island staple 'arroz con gandules', a rice dish with pigeon peas and roasted pork.

Still considered US territory, Puerto Rico requires no passport to visit. Just book your flight, hotel and find some fun things to do when you arrive. Which shouldn't be hard since there is so much to do there! Brush up on your Spanish and pack your bags, Puerto Rico is waiting on you! The best time of year to visit is between April and June, before their rainy season begins. Enjoy 80 degree weather during the day with warm, brisk weather at night time. It'll cost you on average $1,100 for a week long visit to visit Puerto Rico (depending on which state you're traveling from.) It's generally less expensive traveling from the East Coast since the island is located less than 3 hours from NYC by plane. They do speak English on the island, so no need to worry about feeling out of place if you don't know Spanish. The locals are very hospitable and gracious to tourist visiting their island. With much to do, PR is definitely a top travel destination!

Santa Catalina Island

This beautiful, quaint island is located about 29 miles off the coast of Long Beach, in California. With a short 1 hour ferry ride or a 15 minute helicopter ride from Long Beach, you'll arrive on Santa Catalina Island. Famously known for it's buffalo sightings, this small island is jam packed with fun things to do. Trailing, snorkeling, para-sailing, glass bottom boating, shopping, wine tasting, jazz concerts and so much more. Catalina Island is perfect for a quick getaway that doesn't involve spending a lot of money; especially if you already live in California. Whether you choose to visit for a day or a week- the weather is always gorgeous and there's never a bad time to go.

Cruise ships dock here as one of their popular destinations while on the way down to Mexico. You can find a nice hotel for about $105 a night, making this one of the least expensive trips you can take without needing a passport. Put this place on your bucket list!!

Florida Keys

With about 1,700 small islands (keys) to choose from off the Southern coast of Florida, the Florida Keys make it easy to experience island travel without a passport. Easily the most popular key of them all is Key West. A small stretch of land just under 8 square miles, Key West offers you the chance to have that island life experience without going too far to get it. Bar hop or go shopping on the popular Duval street, visit one of their famous attractions like the butterfly conservation or find a blissful beach to lounge on. Key West is an hour, 15 minute drive from Miami and offers a tropical island feel mixed in with luxurious city life.

There's also Key Largo, Siesta Key, Big Pine Key and the list goes on and on. Find the adventurer in you and visit the key that resonates most. They all have something great to offer from beaches to museums to golfing, camping and sight seeing. Things can get pricey while visiting so be sure to budget correctly. The average hotel in Key West can run about $200 per night. But you won't need a passport to visit any of these keys! The perk here is if you get there and discover it isn't for you, Miami, Orlando and Tampa are still there to make your vacation feel complete.

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- @AshawnaLane

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