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Why I recommend cruising for first time solo travelers!

As a solo traveler I've learned a few things about how to be comfortable when traveling. Things like where to go, what to do and what to see while being alone. Traveling alone can be a daunting task, but once you find your "thing" it'll become much easier for you to do.

What are the best trips for solo travelers?

I highly recommend cruises to any and everyone when it comes to wanting to travel alone. I know, I know-- not everyone likes boats, water or being in the middle of the ocean. However-- cruises offer a very affordable, safe and fun way to vacation for solo travelers.

If you can get over the fear of being on a ship, you'll find that cruises provide an excellent way to vacation. With the many different ports available to cruise ships, you can find yourself on beautiful islands with some of the world's most beautiful waters. Often times many of these ports are only accessible by cruise ship and exclusive to cruisers.

Here are 5 reasons you should take a cruise on a solo trip!

1. As I mentioned above, cruises offer you the chance to visit multiple ports all for 1 price. So consider it a major bang for your buck. Imagine going to 3, 4 or 5 different islands/countries on 1 vacation AND as a bonus, when you start cruising regularly- you begin to earn special perks and goodies. You can get everything from free drinks, free money to spend onboard, gifts, souvenirs, discounts at specialty restaurants and so much more.

2. Private room and board are included and you never have to interact with anyone if you choose not to. Although I don't recommend it, you can lock yourself in your cabin and never leave the ship. But why would you do that? I definitely encourage getting out and mingling a bit. Talk to people, go out to eat, catch a show or just chill out on one of the many decks a cruise ship has to offer. With so much to do, why not at least try to do it all!

3. All you can eat food and drinks comes with the price you pay for a cruise. It saves you the hassle of having to find local places to eat, make reservations, catch a taxi or drive yourself around a place you're unfamiliar with. With 24/7 room service- you can eat at any time of the day or night. Not to mention so many different kinds of cuisine- steak, seafood, burgers, ice cream, salads, sushi, BBQ, desserts, etc. Pig out if you want to without the high tab.

4. Cruise ships also offer casinos, shopping, movie theaters, bars, clubs and so much more on board. Just about everything you can find on land, you can find on a cruise ship. Cruises are literally like little cities on the ocean. There's no reason to be bored or lonely when onboard a cruise ship.

5. Create a one of a kind vacation specific to you. Go where you want, get off the boat when you want, have the experiences you want. Cruises are great fun for the entire family- kids, adults, grandparents, teenagers and even toddlers can find fun onboard. There's definitely something for everyone.

And if those reasons weren't enough to convince you to take a cruise, consider this-- cruise ships are one the SAFEST ways for solo travelers to get around. It eliminates the need for over planning since everything is already done for you. There are daily excursions and activities for you to do each day you're on/off the ship and all you have to do is pick what you want to do. Cruises lessen the hassle of having to search for a hotel, find a taxi/Uber to and from the airport, plan different activities to do, speak the native language, find your way around, etc.

ANNND if that's still not enough-- one last thing to think about (ESPECIALLY for solo female travelers) are the chances of being kidnapped, lost or harmed while on vacation go down drastically on a cruise ship. You're surrounded by hundreds of people and the likelihood of something happening to you are slim! If safety is a concern for you when it comes to solo traveling, cruises are the perfect way to "get your feet wet." No pun intended....

Give it a shot!! Take a cruise on one of the many cruise liners out there as there are dozens to choose from. They offer all different vacation lengths from 3, 4, 5 and even 8-14 day cruises. In my opinion, cruises are the absolute best way to vacation as a solo traveler!


Ashawna Lane

Solo Female Traveler



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