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My First Vacation out of the Country

Hanging at the Adult's Only Serenity Pool on Carnival Imagination

My first vacation out of the country was AMAZING! Not only was it was my first time away from familiarity, it was also my first time on a cruise ship. I didn't know what to expect- but I'm happy that I was open to expecting the unexpected... And did I mention I was alone!? Yes, by myself, away from home, in a different country. The experience was better than anything I could've imaged it to be. For starters, it was all inclusive. That meant all the food, room service, and drinks* I could handle. Second, there were tons of activities offered on the ship that I never knew would be on a cruise, which made it even more fun to be aboard. There were clubs, bars, restaurants, multiple dining rooms, pools, spas, a gym, a library, and so much more! I was also truly amazed at the size of the ship. I was on a Carnival Cruise Liner called the 'Imagination', and it was just spectacular! I had a balcony room on the Riviera deck, and the views from my room were breath taking.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from my Balcony room

I sailed on a 7 day Mexico cruise out of Long Beach, CA. and we docked in 3 different ports: Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Villarta. In the mornings, I would open up my patio door, and just stare out in to the Pacific Ocean. Just taking the entire experience in, and relishing in the moment. I had never been away from home on an extended vacation as such, so this vacation meant a lot to me in more ways than one. I met some amazing people, ate great food, and made a ton of life long memories. Our first stop along the cruise was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The waters were crystal clear, and the sun was shining so beautifully. The day was just amazing. I gathered my things and decided that Parasailing was the activity I wanted to partake in. I had never done it before, and saw that as my chance to experience it. Once off the boat, it was very easy to find my guide and get on to my activity. Parasailing was amazing! They strapped me to a parachute on the back of a small boat, and the wind took me about 60-70 feet into the air. I floated around the water for what seemed like forever, but in reality- it was only about 10 minutes. That was still long enough for me to enjoy it and create a priceless memory. I ate some authentic Mexican food from a local restaurant, and ended my excursion with a margarita before returning to the ship.

About to go Parasailing.

The second stop was in Mazatlan- where I went horseback riding, swimming with the fishes, and slid down a waterfall slide. I was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Mazatlan was a very beautiful Mexican city and I would definitely visit again. Our third and final stop on the cruise was Puerto Villarta. At this location, I snorkeled, rode on horseback, and spent time on the beach. Overall, it was a beautiful vacation, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Back on the ship- I ate at the famous 'Nick and Noras' steakhouse, where I dined on a five course meal served on gold Versace plates. Talk about fancy! The 5 course meal only costs $35 and it was money well spent. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone cruising on the Carnival Imagination. It's not apart of the all inclusiveness of the cruise- but you won't find a better meal or deal for $35. While on the cruise, I spent most nights at a club, watching people dance, and sipping Mai-Tai's by the Adult's Only Serenity pool, overlooking the ocean. I can definitely say that my first cruise left a lasting impression on me that I will never forget. I sincerely thank Carnival Cruise Lines for taking care of me along my cruise! I will absolutely without a doubt be back on another ship!

Hanging with the guys in Mexico

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