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Speaking to the youth about the importance of traveling

Shortly after my European vacation, I was invited to speak at Dorsey High School in an inner city of Los Angeles County. I spoke about the importance of traveling and the positive benefits it can have on a person's life. I was able to talk about my adventures throughout the countries I visited while in Europe and show pictures of some of the places they were already learning about (like the Coliseum in Rome, and the Vatican in Vatican City). The high schooler's were very eager to know more about my trip and how I felt being a solo traveler. Many of the students that I spoke with had never been outside of their state, let alone the country. So talking with them about the places I've gone and the things I've seen really made me feel like my journey was something that could change the lives of others.

This experience taught me that no matter where you're from, planting the seed of hope for the future can have a huge impact on the lives of young people. Something as small as an encouraging word, or a reinforcing comment about WHY you should consider something is all some people need to go out and do great things with their lives. My hope for this experience is that the students I spoke with go on to lead very successful lives, and travel far and beyond what they even thought possible.

Everything starts with planting the seed and watching it grow. Putting faith and reassurance in people and letting them know that what they may see as impossible, is absolutely possible with the right motivation and determination. I enjoyed this opportunity and would do it again for students and people of all ages. Travel is something that most people believe they can't afford so they don't even put it on their radar. However, with proper education on different cultures, and countries. travel is one of the most inexpensive lessons a person can ever learn. The things it teaches you about yourself and others is what makes it the most worthy experience a person can have.

For more info about this experience, or if you would like to learn about how to travel for less, contact me at ""

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