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What happened to me aboard the Carnival Victory?

Hey guys, so if you follow me on Facebook then you know that I just completed my 6th cruise with Carnival aboard their Victory cruise liner. It was a much needed and well deserved 4 day vacation that came with lots of extras and surprises! We departed from Miami, Fl. and docked in 2 spectacular ports- Key West, Fl. and Cozumel, Mx. Both ports were beautiful, sunny and full of exciting excursions! But, allow me to share my awesome experience onboard the ship itself.... (I pinky promise I'll share more about my fun filled excursions in another blog)

So first things first, as I mentioned above this was my 6th cruise aboard the Carnival fun ship which means that I am now considered a "seasoned cruiser." Also, I officially became a gold level member which comes with several perks of it's own. For starters- I received such great, quality service that I've come to expect from the cruise line vessel. From the dining crew, to my stateroom steward and my masseuses, I was always greeted by name and with a smile. It always makes the cruise ship experience that much better. Besides that, the other perks I received were equally as phenomenal! I was given my gold member VIFP pin that you can only get after your 25th day of cruising. I also got a $50 gift card to treat myself at the spa, along with an exclusive invite to the highly acclaimed chef's table (a privatized tour of the galley kitchen led by the head sous chef of the ship that also includes a 7 course specialty menu served with all the champagne and wine one could handle.) Did I mention that the meal was made especially for a select group of 9 people and was not available anywhere else on the ship?! Yea, it was kind of a big deal! Oh, and the food served was unlike anything I've ever had and I've been to several places and tried lots of things! The meals were mouth watering and very appetizing. I definitely recommend the experience if you're ever aboard a Carnival ship. Check out the perks I received:

And as if that wasn't good enough, I also had the exclusive opportunity to interview with the cruise director of the ship himself, Mr. Felipe Couto! He and his buddy Tevin were so accommodating when it came to assisting me. They went above and beyond to find the perfect time for me to chat about why everyone should take a cruise. I was truly blown away by the level of service I received from them. Click the link to see the footage of My interview with Felipe!

With all that happened aboard my cruise, by far the most rewarding part of my vacation came during a party on one of the ships decks, when Felipe gave me the impromptu opportunity to share my blog with thousands of cruisers! That was definitely the highlight of my cruise for sure. I will forever be grateful for that moment and the opportunity. Here are a few more highlights from my amazing cruise: 

I must now brag about my awesome spa experience on board... So I had a total of 5 amazing treatments. Yes, 2 full body massages, 2 full body scrubs and a facial, in 4 days. Nearly 1 treatment for each day that I spent on the cruise. What can I say, cruising is so much fun that I had to find time to relax from all the fun I was having. Lol... My masseuses were incredibly attentive and knowledgeable in their crafts. They made my skin glow, shine and feel like silk. Did I over indulge? Perhaps, but what would a cruise be without fully treating yourself to some luxuriousness?! Besides, I deserved every bit of it! 

I have so much more that I can share about this amazing cruise experience, but this blog would never end if I talked about everything... so with that said, I'll end it here, but only briefly. Stay tuned for my next blog about my super fun excursions in Key West and Cozumel!  

And as always, thanks for reading and subscribing to my blog. Share with a friend and be sure to follow me on Facebook/Instagram (@AshawnaLane) for more travel related posts! 

Safe travels! 


Ashawna Lane