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Thinking of traveling alone? Here's a list of fun things you can do solo!

One of the many questions I get after people discover that I travel alone is "what do you do by yourself?" and "don't you get bored?" The obvious answers are "EVERYTHING and NO!" I do everything by myself and no, I don't get bored. How do you get bored while on a vacation surrounded by hundreds of things to do?? Entertain yourself and you'll never be alone!

This blog will be dedicated to people that are considering traveling alone but are unsure about what to do.... Here's to you!!

My top 10 list of things to do when traveling alone:

1) Plan an excursion- assuming you're staying at a hotel, resort or Air BNB, there are websites that allow you to plan and customize your own adventures. My top excursion site is - they're great for planning all sorts of excursions and adventures all around the world. I've used them in nearly every country I've visited and they are a reputable site. I've never had any major problems with them, and if by chance my excursion wasn't as planned or something went astray, they provide quick responses and in most cases refunds! It's a simple, easy to use straight forward site. Select the city you'll be traveling to, pick the dates you'll be there and choose the activity you want to do. Easy-- the best part of all is that they also offer layover excursions! Nobody wants to be stuck in an airport for 10-12 hours or more waiting on their next flight- so this site offers specific layover excursions that you can do while you wait for your next plane! It's an awesome site. Just be sure to plan ahead, sometimes same day adventures are already booked up or unavailable due to weather or timing. Which reminds me, be diligent about managing your time. If you know you have a 6 hour layover, don't plan a 5 hour tour and hope to make it back to the airport and on your plane in time. Always plan for the unexpected.

2) I get it, not everybody is a social, outgoing person. Some people prefer to lay around in their hotel room and order room service all day. That's understandable and doable. Go for it! If you're not the type of person who wants to get out and explore, stay in. Most hotels offer room service and have different things to do right on the hotel property, so in most cases, you never have to leave your hotel. I'll admit it, I've stayed in my rooms for a couple of days after flying in on a long trip. I do it to get my energy back up and get myself ready for the upcoming adventures. Typically, I'm not a hotel dweller. I have to get out and see things, but hey- different strokes for different folks. If that's what you like to do, do you!

3) Beach Day!! Who doesn't love an awesome, relaxing day at the beach!? I know I do!! In nearly every country I've gone to, a beach was top on my list of things to do. It's just so fun being lazy at the beach, laying on a towel or in a cabana, sipping on your favorite drink and letting the sun bronze your skin. You can never go wrong with a beach day! Plan ahead and bring your sunglasses, and sun block. Don't let a beach day turn into an awful trip. Sunburn is no joke!

4) Sight seeing is one of the best things to do on a vacation. Why else would you be going to a country or city you've never been before? Get out and see the sights!! Take a bus, a train, a taxi or even a bike and get out and see the town. Talk to the locals, you'll find that people are actually pretty friendly when it comes to sharing things about their city, state or country. It's a great way to enrich yourself within the culture, the locals and their lifestyles. It truly is one of the best reasons to travel!

5) Eat, drink and be merry! Find good restaurants away from the touristy parts of town. Don't travel hundreds of miles from home just to eat at a McDonalds or TGIFridays! Try exotic cuisines, have your hotel staff recommend a nice place, visit a cafe or a bar. The exciting thing about traveling is getting to try and see things that you don't always get to do at home. Discover your love for food, wine, local spirits and authenticity. Don't get stuck eating the same foods you can eat while at home. Try something new!

6) Go shopping! Head to a mall or somewhere in town and pick up some new things. Express yourself. Buy things that you wouldn't ordinarily buy. Shoes, hats, jewelry, souvenirs, collectibles, things that you can bring back and have a conversation over. You can even buy certain herbs and spices and learn how to cook with them! Once you begin to accumulate enough things, you'll be able to display a collection of your travel items at home. They certainly are a great conversation starter when you have guest over. Shop til you drop! Just be mindful and remember that certain items like foods from other countries cannot pass through US customs. Also make sure you have luggage big enough to carry everything back with you! Wrap your delicate items up tightly and label them so you know what is breakable and what isn't. There's nothing worst than getting home and realizing that nice gift you bought got broken up in your luggage while on the plane! Always carry your valuables in a carry on. We all know how they treat your luggage at the airport.

7) Discover what you're into and go after it. Do you like museums? Parks? Hiking trails?Antiques? Are you into theater or live performances? Get out there and see the things that interest you most. Find a movie theater and go see a movie in a different language. Find a fair and get on some rides or pig out on the foods. Tour a monument with a guide and learn the history. It's so many things you can do while on a vacation that doing nothing should be a crime!

8) Pamper yourself. Find a local sauna or masseuse and get some quiet relaxation time in before your trip is over. There's nothing like a warm body massage after getting off a long flight. Some hotels and resorts offer masseuse services, but if they don't, find one in your area. (Be sure that it's legitimate and check the ratings) Indulge yourself in a spa treatment and take some of the stress from home off your shoulders. You deserve it!

9) Feeling wild and adventurous? Want to make a memory on your vacation that will last a lifetime? Get a tattoo..... or not. However, if you're into that sort of thing, it's one of the best ways to remember a vacation. Every time you see your tattoo, you'll be reminded of exactly where you were when you got it, how you felt before, during and afterwards, and it'll always be a fun story to tell when people ask about it. We're here to create memories. And if tattoos aren't your thing, then try something else that floats your boat. There are literally thousands of ways to create everlasting memories.

10) Get your photography on! Take pictures. Buy a nice camera with enough memory to hold all your travel shots. Take pictures of plants, animals, people (with their permission), buildings, food, scenery, landscapes, etc. Take pictures of the sky!! Capture the things that make you feel good so in your darkest moments or when you get home and want to lift your spirits, you have these awesome photos to go through and put yourself back in that time and space. Record your most memorable moments. Play it over and over again until you feel like you're confident enough to go on another trip and create more memories! That's the entire point of traveling. Inspire others with your travels, help other people find out how to travel and show them that it can be done. Life is short, but if you live it right, short is long enough!

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to subscribe, like, share and comment if you enjoyed what you read. I appreciate all the kind and inquiring messages I receive on my social media outlets. No messages goes unread and I admire everyone who believes enough in themselves to get out and make it happen! Don't stop living. Each one teach one and remember: be safe and happy travels!

xoxo- Ashawna Lane

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