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Bucket list destinations: France!

So you're thinking of traveling to France? Here's a few tips on what to know before you go!

  • Arrival Airport for Paris: Charles De Gaulle

  • Distance from airport to attractions: Eiffel Tower approx. 20 miles

Disneyland approx. 13 miles

The Louvre approx. 15 miles

Moulin Rouge approx. 20 miles

  • Best/cheapest time to visit: January for low tourist season

  • Most convenient places to stay: The Louvre district (walking distance to attractions)

  • Uber price from airport to Eiffel Tower: approx. $48 USD

  • Average hotel costs in Paris: approx. $150-$200 USD

  • Top attractions in Paris: Musee d'Orsay

Disneyland Paris

The Louvre

Notre Dame Cathedral

River Thames boat ride

Palace of Versailles

Champs Elysees

The Latin Quarter

Luxembourg Gardens

  • Daily budget for Paris: approx. $200


Paris is definitely a fun place to visit with lots of things to see. Be sure to check out the different gardens and cathedrals in the area. Watch out for pick pockets around the Eiffel tower and always exchange your money at YOUR bank before leaving the states. You'll get lower exchange fees!

Safe travels!!

XOXO- Ashawna Lane



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