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Bucket list destinations: Greece!

Ready to travel to Santorini in Greece, but need some pointers first? Then this blog is for you!

  • Arrival Airport for Santorini: Thira (Fira) airport

  • Distance from airport to attractions: Oia approx. 8 miles

Perissa Beach approx. 8 miles

Santo Wines approx. 2 miles

  • Best/cheapest time to visit: Between April and November

  • Most convenient places to stay: Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani

  • Taxi price from airport to Santorini: approx. $40 USD

  • Average hotel costs in Santorini: approx. $90-$160/night USD

  • Top attractions in Santorini: Perissa (Black Sand Beach)

Oia (blue dome buildings)

Santorini Caldera

Museum of prehistoric Thira

Perivolos (honeymoon beach)

  • Daily budget for Santorini: approx. $130


Greece is an absolutely beautiful place to visit! The weather, the locals and the food are all great as well. Be sure to visit Perissa Beach for its black sand and check out the top of Oia for the breath taking views. Getting around throughout Greece is fairly easy and cheap. You have the option of taking ferries or catching flights to the neighboring islands. Ferries often costs less but will take 8+ hours to get around. Flights are a little more pricey than ferries but will get you around within a couple of hours.

*NOTE: Ubers are illegal in Greece, so don't look to catch one there. Taxis are a much more affordable and convenient way to get around.*

Best of luck and safe travels!!

XOXO- Ashawna Lane

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