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Classic date night looks any woman can rock!

Spending time in California amongst friends is always my most favorite vibe. I always enjoy myself most when I'm surrounded by people I know, love and trust and my most recent business trip to LA was no different.

I was invited to blog about the city and do things that I'd typically do while visiting; dine, shop and explore my surroundings. I fulfilled the request by checking out a few new local eateries as well as boarding a train to nearby San Diego for a day of fun in the sun. Check out my blog on 'Train travel & why you should give it a try' to see how you can plan your activities the next time you visit LA (or San Diego)

As many people may (or may not) know I was once a fashion designer and designed for celebrities, colleges and even participated in highly publicized fashion shows. So of course I know a little bit about how to dress when the occasion calls for it-- and the occasion definitely calls for it while in LA. Known for being a very fashion forward city, LA is where I grew up and learned style. Being able to go out to all my favorite places with friends was all the reason I needed to bring out my A-game.

I put together a couple of different looks for "date nights" and made sure to capture those selfies for social media. Getting dressed up has become more and more fun for me these days since I've opened myself up to more options. Options like skirts, dresses, fun & flirty blouses, heels and more. When I say opened myself up to- I mean getting out of my "normal" laid back stylish clothing. I've always been a dresser- don't get me wrong, but there's a difference between dressing and dressing up. I've been dressing up more lately.

Which is why the looks I came up with while in LA were some of my absolute favorite looks. So much so I decided to blog about them and share the details on where others can get the looks too!

Pictured above is a very classy look that can be worn on several different occasions. Date night, brunching with the girls, lunch with friends or dinner in the city- it's a timeless look that I came up that caters to all festivities.

But even though it may look like your basic pencil skirt and top, it's actually not. This look was designed with 2 different dresses worn on top of each other to create 1 cohesive style. Yes, I wore 2 dresses and made this look!

Check out this video on how I turned the above look into this chic, classy outfit with no sewing machine, no cutting and no tools.

I ordered the leopard dress from Amazon but when it arrived I didn't like the way it fit. It was snug and the turtle neck had a loose fit that didn't conform to my body the way I would've liked it to. So instead of going through the hassle of sending it back, I improvised and made it into something more appealing. The best part of all is that NO ONE knew it was a dress until I showed them.

You can also find the heels, purse and similar dresses to the black dress I wore on Amazon as well!

I'm a huge fashion person and whether I'm in jeans and a T-shirt or a dress and high heels, fashion has been a major part in my life for as long as I can remember. My great grandmother was a seamstress so I guess those genes were passed on to me and they certainly didn't go to waste. Even though I gave up designing for the time being, I'm constantly thinking about fashion and ideas on how to design things to my own personal liking. It's definitely a gift and a curse!

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Check out another look I put together while on my trip:

I called it "the hotel rendezvous." I combined a camel wrap trench coat with the same little black dress from the prior outfit and a pair of sheer leopard stockings. Along with my black pumps and some red lipstick this look was definitely a head turner. Click on the pictures to see the full outfit!

You can get both of these looks for your closet for clicking on the links and shopping with Amazon.

Although there were more looks and styles I created, these 2 were my most favorite. They were fun, flirty and definitely head turning. Spice up your wardrobe with some fun pieces and dress them up with some things you already have. That's what style is all about, having the ability to mix and match different things to come up with the perfect look for you!

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Ashawna Lane



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