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How to take your own pictures when traveling alone!

Although it's not really a secret, I'm going to share my "secret" on how I get the best pictures even while traveling alone.

It's a fairly simple process if you have the right tools. A nice camera (or your phone) a selfie stick, a tripod and a bluetooth remote. It's as easy as ready, set, pose!

Check out this video on how I do it:

Here's a step by step tutorial on how you can do it too!

Step 1: find a good location that you're comfortable in

Step 2: set up your camera equipment (tripod, selfie stick, camera)

Step 3: make sure your camera is steady and aimed at the location you want to capture

Step 4: if you don't have a selfie stick, tripod or bluetooth remote, you can always use the timer on your phone. Check your camera settings to locate it and set it for a few seconds to allow yourself time to pose. Place your phone or camera on a flat, steady surface so that it doesn't fall over.

Step 5: adjust the camera settings to make sure the camera is facing you! You can also adjust the auto focus to make sure the pictures aren't blurry. Depending on the type of phone you have, this feature should be in your settings.

Step 6: now that you've got the camera set up, all that's left is for you to strike a pose!


Check out this cool MUST HAVE camera that I use for some of my pictures when traveling!


Once you get the hang of it, you'll be taking your own pictures everywhere you go. If you're shy, you can always get pictures in a more private location away from crowds and wandering eyes. Ultimately you have to be comfortable enough to take your own pictures. Who cares who's watching?! People see me taking my own pictures and sometimes they'll offer to take them for me. Other times they watch and comment on how cute my poses are.

Contrary to popular belief, most people are nice and willing to help. If all else fails don't be afraid to ask someone to take the picture for you. As a kind gesture, you can always offer to take their picture in return.

I love photography and capturing my own pictures. It's my way of expressing myself and making sure I get all the right looks.

I hope this guide helps and you're able to get some awesome photos by following these steps. You don't have to be a professional photographer to get amazing photos. You just have to be adventurous enough to capture them yourself!

Pictures are memories and they'll be all that's left of us when it's all said and done. Make them special, make them fun, make them last!

XOXO- Ashawna Lane

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