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Know before you Go: International Travel Tips every traveler Should Know!

Here are some of my own personal #TravelTips that have worked for me during my travels. I use these tips to practice safe traveling and save money while in airports across the world. We tend to spend a lot of unnecessary money in airports for no reason, so I've created this blog with some insightful ways to save and ease the tension while traveling internationally.

One way you can save while traveling is to book your room at the airport. Some airports often times have hotels situated inside of them for weary travelers. Use them to your advantage and save yourself time and money! (This only applies when you have a multi-hour layover.) Instead of hanging out in an airport for hours or leaving the airport and then scrambling back to get through long TSA lines before your connecting flight, consider booking an airport room to get yourself together in between flights. Here are a few reasons why you should consider booking a room at the airport during your next long trip!

1-- To Clean Up! After long international flights, it's always best to clean yourself up. Between the germs on planes, sick passengers and over crowded airports, it's best practice to wash up and rid all the dirt and germs from your body. You'd be surprised at what our skin can accumulate during a flight! Plus it beats trying to brush your teeth in a crowded airport bathroom while someone is taking a #2 in the stall behind you. No one wants to deal with that!


2-- To Rest! People have been known to develop blood clots and other internal issues such as headaches, heart attacks, pink eye, nausea and in rare cases death due to prolonged elevation in an airplane. Be sure to rest and elevate your legs once you land on the ground. It can help your blood circulation get back to normal.

3-- It Saves Money! Often times hotels inside the airport can be cheaper and easier to get to than going outside. It also saves you time and provides peace of mind when it comes to getting on your next flight. You're already at the airport! No taxis, Uber's or shuttles necessary to take you to another hotel out the way. Also when flying international, during a layover in another country-- if you don't have a Visa for that country, they probably won't allow you to leave the airport. You may even have to purchase a Visa right there at the airport and that can be a time consuming process. Plan your trip accordingly. If you know you have a multi-hour layover and are interested in leaving the airport for an excursion or shopping, be sure to check that countries Visa requirements first!

4-- For Comfort! Nobody likes sleeping on planes and being cramped up. With babies crying, your neighbor tapping you to get up and go to the restroom, being squished in a tiny airplane seat or not being able to stretch out can be overly exhausting in itself! To avoid fatigue and being worn out by the time you make it to your destination, airport hotels make it possible for you to get the comfort you need during extended traveling! It beats sleeping on an airport bench or sitting around on the floor.


5-- Refresh Yourself! They say that cleanliness is next to Godliness and that has be proven to be true. Being clean gives you a sense of security and peace. A clean body, clean teeth and clean hair allows you to be that much more content with getting on with the rest of your journey. No one wants to arrive funky, worn out and cranky; and no one wants to sit next to a funky, worn out, cranky person. Would you want to sit next to someone that hasn't bathed or brushed their teeth on an 8+ hour flight? I sure don't!! Don't be that person. Take time for yourself and find a nice, quiet room in the airport. Being clean and refreshed can make a world of difference.

These are just a few of the ways I save money and relax while traveling. Do you have any tips or advice to share with travelers that have allowed you to save money on your trips? Comment and share your advice! Each one teach one is the motto. No traveler left behind.

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xoxo- Ashawna Lane



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