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Why you shouldn't drink Tequila in Mexico.

Don't we all just love Mexico?!

This picture popped up in my Facebook memories from 2018 and reminded me of this entire day! Omg... it was my first time going to Cancun...

I stayed at the Hotel Adhara Cancun located about 15 minutes from the beach.

I had a beautiful room with full amenities and a comfortable Queen sized bed. But what really made me choose this hotel was this swim up bar at the pool.

I also picked this hotel because it had all amenities I was looking for. An on-site restaurant, a pool, airport transfers, breakfast, spa treatments, etc.

That's how I save money when I travel. The more convenient amenities a hotel has, the less you need to spend money going other places.

I also saved $400 just by staying downtown Cancun rather than in the more popular hotel zone, known as Zona Hotelera.

Despite my hotel not being directly on the beach, they offered a round trip shuttle service to and from the sand every hour. Again, convenient and saves me money from having to take a taxi.

It all ended up working itself out. I had the luxury of going to the beach when I wanted or staying at my hotel enjoying the peace and seclusion when I didn't.

The hotel was nice and private away. I'd highly recommend it for people looking for a laid back vacation in Cancun away from the crowds.

The entire trip cost me $594. That includes my round trip, non stop flights from LAX and 5 nights at my hotel. Less than $600 for a week long vacation in Mexico. It doesn't get any better than that.

Don't ever believe that traveling is too expensive.

This is 5,000 in Mexican pesos. I got this in exchange for approx. $250 USD [2018]

It was like the third day of my vacation when I finally went to the beach. I love the beach. Anyone who knows me will attest to that.

When I got there I noticed they had different seating arrangements and service options based on where you sat. That was interesting to me since I planned to just sit on a towel in the sand for free. Lol!

It didn't work like that though. So I decided to rent a cabana that kept me in the sun, but not burning up in the sun. It also came with dedicated service and personal waiters. These were mine:

I never even got their names...

Here's one of the selfies I took while hanging out in my cabana:

Yea I shamelessly just wanted to show off my bathing suit. So what. Ain't it cute?! Y'all see how the tigers eyes almost match my drink? Ugh! I love this little Forever21 bathing suit. Also the angle of this selfie makes me look all extra snatched and stuff. I love it! Can we say me-ow!!

Anyways, about 15 minutes into my selfies and chill session in my cabana, I ordered a drink and some food. To my surprise 1 of my servers offered me a shot of Tequila. He explained that it was a "welcome drink" that came complimentary for renting a cabana. I accepted the drink, shot it and continued my lounging. I had my music playing, the temperature was right, men were serving me drinks and I was in town looking to relax. What more could I ask for?

Here's a picture of my food once it finally came. I had the shrimp fajitas and a drink that was called a 'Long Beach' (of course I ordered it for obvious reasons- but for those who don't know- I lived in a city named Long Beach so it was only right that I try it out.)

And that lil' tiny shot you see is Tequila. I meeeean... you're not really on vacation in Mexico if you don't have a few shots of Tequila, right?

Another selfie shot in my cabana

After finishing up my food and drinks, I went to go have some fun in the water.

The best time of year to travel to Cancun is between December and April.

When I got back to my cabana from the water, my server had another shot of tequila waiting on me (#3💀) I tried telling him that I didn't have money to pay for it, but he insisted and told me that it was on the house.

So there I am, on the beach by myself taking shots of Tequila like I'm at a bar or something. I don't usually do shots or drink harder alcohols. I'm more of a sweet, fruity, slushy, wine type drinker. That said, I already knew I was headed down the wrong path.

What made it even worse is that my servers kept bringing me shots back to back. Whenever they saw me with an empty shot glass, they bought another one out to me. I believe I must've had like 5 or 6 shots that day before I simply stopped drinking them. I know that might be lightweight to some, but I was more than over my limit.

Luckily I'd eaten my little bit of food, so I wasn't too, too messed up.

I stayed at the beach for few hours hanging out. Right as I was about to get dressed and head to the pick up location for my shuttle, one of my server invited me to a bar for more drinks. He tells me that the drinks will be free since the bar owns the section of cabanas I was sitting in.

I thought about it and figured since it was already getting kinda dark, I didn't want to risk being out at night, alone and in a bathing suit, at the beach. So I told him yes. My guard was down big time!

*A quick safety reminder for women when traveling alone is to always be extra cautious of strangers. Regardless of how nice they are or how much fun you have with them, never go anywhere alone with them. If you want to meet them somewhere, make sure you're in a safe environment that you control before doing so. Always be aware of your surroundings*

That's exactly where I made my mistake. Thinking it was ok to go off to a bar with some strange man in a foreign country. I'm just happy I get to share this story. I've kept it to myself all this time because of embarrassment.

But I feel like my blog is a safe place for me to be free and candid. Hopefully this story can help someone else be smarter and stay safe! This happened 2 years ago and I'm just now comfortable opening up about it.

Against my better judgement, I ended up going to the bar with him. The bar was still located on the beach, just a couple of feet away from the sand so I assumed I'd be fine. There were still dozens of people on the beach and it was in a crowded area. These are signs that I look for in order to keep myself safe when I travel alone. I ignored all of them! Smh. I didn't think anything would happen to me.

So I end up going to this bar with this Mexican man, whose name I never even thought to ask. He was my server so I automatically assumed he was ok.

When we got to the bar I sat down at a table while he went to order the drinks. Another mistake I made! I should've been watching what went into my drink and I didn't. I wasn't even paying attention. When I think back on it, I also have no idea of what he put in my drinks during the entire day while he was my server at the beach!

He knew that I was alone and I feel like he targeted me because of it.

It was kinda loud in the bar since they had music playing. People were dancing and standing around drinking and talking.

The last thing I remember him saying to me was "do a bl*wjob before you go!"

At first I thought it might've been the alcohol and I was just not hearing things clearly. But he said it again and I was almost humored because I thought he was being funny. There were a lot of people at the bar and there was no possible way he could be serious.

I wanted to leave and get back to my hotel room but I couldn't remember where the shuttle pick up spot was.

Before I could even make my decision to get up, he stood up and blew a whistle. This made everyone in the bar turn around and look at us. I was like a deer in headlights. I didn't know what was going on.

I stood up because I thought I might have to run or something and right when I stood up, someone grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. I thought I was being arrested by the cops!

People started to crowd around us and I couldn't get away. They were yelling and saying stuff in Spanish and some were even laughing and clapping.

Y'all!!! I was so caught off guard and embarrassed.

The bartender came over with a tray and sat it on the table in front of me. It had a long shot glass on it filled with some type of liquor. He explained what I needed to do or else they wouldn't let me leave!

With my hands still behind my back, I had to bend down and wrap my mouth around the circumference of this shot glass. Firmly grasp it in my mouth and slowly swallow the contents without choking or gagging.

OMG! Although I hadn't practiced any throat exercises that day, I think I did a good job. From what I remember, people were clapping and cheering and taking my picture when I finished. I even got a coupon for a free tequila shot on my next visit. Lol!

Don't believe me? Look at this drink menu below... 3 drinks up from the Long Beach.

Y'all, I did a blowjob on the beach in Cancun on my first visit...

And then I went back to my hotel.

This ladies and gentlemen, is why you probably shouldn't drink too much tequila in Mexico. You might get held up at a bar and forced to do a blowjob while the people around you watch and enjoy it.


But thank goodness for Facebook memories. What took 10 minutes to do, created a memory that'll last a lifetime. That's ultimately what matters.

Thank y'all for subscribing and be sure to warn others about the dangers of drinking too much tequila in Mexico...

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