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I'm not obligated to invite you when I travel!

We've all seen the dreaded "no invite" comment in the comment sections on social media platforms across the world. It never fails, go on a vacation or to some place nice and suddenly here come the "no invite" trolls under your picture feeling some kind of way because you didn't go out of your way to invite them to your outing... It's the most annoying thing ever, especially when it's coming from people that have either never invited you anywhere or have never made mention of going anywhere with you in the first place. Just because I take a nice trip or go to a fancy restaurant does not mean I'm obligated to invite you! This goes for friends, family, co-workers or whoever else has the audacity to jump on a post with that entitled mentality.

We are not obligated to extend invites to our festivities. Besides, the people that we actually want to go with us have already been invited. If you weren't one of the chosen few, sit back and enjoy these pictures that we post on social media. It's time we start letting these random people know that we don't owe them an invite. An invite is a courtesy, not a requirement. If it makes you feel some type of way that you've not been invited to join in, then keep it to yourself and plan your own outing, but for the love of all things good in this world, get off of our post with that "what about me?" mind set. The world (nor my plans) does not revolve around you. The quicker you learn that, the quicker you'll stop embarrassing yourself under posts with that "no invite" nonsense.

Never let anyone guilt you into inviting them to your functions. Most people don't comment, interact, or even see or know you personally to be invited anyway. Not only that, even if you did invite them, they'd have a dozen excuses as to why they can't go. You can invite them a year early, check in with them every month and the week of, the excuse will still be "I don't get paid until....", "I don't have the money, can you loan me......", "I have to work that day....", "I don't have a babysitter that weekend...." and the list goes on and on. Don't even waste your time. One thing about me is that I never allow what someone else can or can't do stop me from doing what I want to do. I missed out on 1 trip by waiting for someone else to have their priorities together and I promised myself it would NEVER happen again. Since that time, I've been a solo traveler and haven't thought about inviting 1 person to go along with me. Not to say that I wouldn't mind having company on some of my outings, but I'm very picky about who I choose to travel, go to dinner or even go shopping with. Not everyone is worth being around. It's better to be alone than in bad company. Most people only want to be invited with no real intention of even going. Why bother with the shenanigans? My motto is "meet me there!" That not only puts things in their hands and makes them responsible for showing up, but it also shows you who's serious and who isn't.

So go on and enjoy that vacation, go to that nice restaurant, go to that club, bar, party or wherever else you've been wanting to go.... take pictures, go live, live it up and don't feel obligated to invite anyone. If they really wanted to go- they'd meet you there. It's as simple as that, and you can tell them I said it... Remember, SHARING is caring! If you enjoyed this read and feel the same way, then let the people know! Share this blog to your page and spread the word... WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO INVITE YOU ANYWHERE! So yes, there was NO INVITE!


Ashawna Lane

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