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Finding healthy alternatives for our delicate female bodies... (Period Post)

A few months ago I took to social media to ask my women Facebook friends if they knew of any alternatives to tampons and pads. I had done some research and found it a bit odd that someone was actually selling crocheted tampons... Yes, fuzzy yarn tampons! All I could think about was bits and pieces of yarn being stuck inside of my body and creating a much worse outcome than intended... A few women mentioned the "Diva Cup" so I decided to look a little deeper and find out more information about it. Upon first glance I thought "how the hell am I suppose to stick that inside of me?" It's in the shape of a little cup, but is flexible and silicone, allowing you to squeeze it together to slide it in easily.

After reading about its benefits and being at my wits end with tampons, I headed to my local pharmacy and picked one up. It cost me a whopping $40!! At first I was put off by that, but then I thought about buying tamps every month for 12 months at $9-$12 a box and it just made more sense that spending $40 was significantly less in the long run. I spent about 30 minutes in the pharmacy reading the back of the box and referring to Google for other questions that popped up in my mind. Ultimately, I bought the product and this is my review of it!

So..... let me just say this-- it works great! I did have my hang ups about using it the first time, but things went smoothly once the time came. I boiled it in hot water before using it as suggested in order to sanitize and remove any potential bacteria on the surface. The silicone is a very soft and squishy material so very little pain going in and coming out. The best part though, is that it's super comfortable and doesn't give me any pain while wearing it. It fits snug inside and I've yet to have a leak, spill or accident while wearing it. I did wear a liner with it the first time just because I was kinda leery if it would hold, but it holds everything and can last for up to 12 hours (per the box instructions.) I've not worn mine for that long, so I don't know how true that is... Also, I've not experienced it slipping or hanging out of me. I goes inside and stays inside until you remove it.

My only bad review about it is that it can get a little messy when it's time to "refresh yourself." Using your bare hands to pull it out means you have to be in a place where you have a private bathroom, preferably with a sink and/or shower to allow a quick clean up afterwards. You'll have to rinse it out thoroughly before reinserting it again-- making public bathrooms not the ideal place to change it. There's a little gripper at the base of it for you to grab it when it's time to remove it, so you don't have to go too far up inside to find it. It also comes with a convenient little carrying pouch. It's discreet and looks like a small bag that you can store candy, keys or spare change in. I've since invested in a 2nd one just to have one on hand if I lose the first one. Since making the switch, I have not used tamps or pads in or on my body. Not only that, my body responds to this cup in a way that I don't even have severe cramps anymore. There's nothing pressing against my cervix like with a tampon so the transition of blood flow is a lot smoother coming down.

I highly recommend the Diva Cup to women that are looking for alternatives to tamps and pads. I asked my OB beforehand if it was safe and she also said she uses one, so that made me feel more at ease with using it. It's eco-friendly, medical grade and reduces the risk of developing TSS. Plus, it's just better for our bodies (in my opinion.) However, as I always say- do your own research to find what works for you. It may or may not work for your body or flow. This is just my experience and review of a product I like!

Thanks for reading and if you like this blog, feel free to re-post and share it with people who may need the information.

xoxo- Ashawna Lane

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